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It was in Ceylon about four years ago. The evening was cool and quiet. In the restaurant of the Santani resort (we’ll tell you about Santani separately, it’s worth it!) I enjoyed the freshness and beauty of the surrounding hills, indulged in dreams, or simply didn’t think about anything. Or thought about something random. And so, while meditating in this way, I noticed a girl at the next table. A delightful creature smiled dreamily at something and quickly fingered the laptop keyboard. I felt at that moment that our vibrations were very similar. And I decided to talk to her. This is how our acquaintance with Yana Shakhnazarova took place. Journalist, writer, Armenian princess and passionate lover of Sri Lanka, Ramayana and sweets.

Well, now the most important thing. For the sake of which I, in fact, remembered our acquaintance. This year marks 10 years since I founded LuxuryTravelBlog.Ru and, to be honest, now I have slowed down a bit in my travels and travel much less often. More and more I tend to spend time in my house in the company of friends and relatives. But Yana continues to tirelessly rush around the world, also, however, periodically slowing down and staying in one place for a long time. Especially if it concerns one of her favorite destinations: Sri Lanka, India or Armenia. It seems to me that someday she will write a guide to these three countries, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

In general, after meditating a little (as I always do before making important decisions), I suggested that Yana become the chief editor of LuxuryTravelBlog.Ru and, thereby, bring to it, as Bunin would say, “light breathing”. Maybe make it more emotional. I am sure that a person who is in love with travel and people like her will do just fine with this.

If you have already read some of her materials on this Blog, then you probably noticed that sometimes she moves a little away from the luxury theme and writes more about her personal impressions of getting to know the country and people. And this is good. It’s vital. However, you can’t refuse her taste for the choice of hotels either. Therefore, I hasten to assure you that the Blog will still retain its importance as your personal friend, adviser and consultant in the difficult but fascinating world of beautiful and high-quality travel. I don’t want to say this word “luxury” again, it, according to my feelings, now smacks of something a little old-fashioned and overly Soviet (after all, now there are rooms of the “luxury” category in any roadside regional hotel). Moreover, over the years, I became more and more convinced that true luxury is, as Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote, “the luxury of human communication.” And this luxury of communication in Yanina’s life is more than enough: being in the most luxurious hotel, she will definitely manage to talk with all the staff working here – from the local gardener to the manager, which makes her articles very lively, adds a touch of human warmth to them.

And since Yana has now launched the Life as a Journey project, in which she organizes individual and collective tours to her favorite places and hotels, LuxuryTravelBlog can begin to develop in another direction. I have always refused this field of activity, although requests to organize a tour in the footsteps of my wanderings have been received repeatedly, both from friends and partners, and from readers of our blog. But, apparently, I was waiting for Yana.


So, I congratulate Yana on the post of editor-in-chief of the Blog, and I, Oleg Ryabushinsky, remain its publisher and sometimes I also undertake to write here about my impressions and best experiences with hotels and restaurants.

In an interview I did with the new Chief Editor of LuxuryTravelBlog, Yana said the following, among other things:

“When my parents called me Yana, they did not suspect that they were giving me a name that in the ancient Sanskrit language means “The Way”, “Journey”. Perhaps then they would not complain about my constant absence from home.

In any of my travels, I try to find the Soul of the Place and people who can be called that.

For me, an integral part of traveling is people, and I probably already have more friends around the world than in Moscow, the city where I spend the most time. Sometimes I make “love” ratings of cities visited, where I represent each city as a person

I was in 50 countries, on 15 islands, of which the most favorite is Sri Lanka. He is Lanka, he is Ceylon, he is Serendib, and I write not only articles about him, but also the book “Along Adam’s Peak”.

I thank Oleg for the offer to become editor-in-chief and I am very glad that now our acquaintance with readers will unfold in a new way. I invite you not to be shy and write to me directly about your impressions and wishes, ask questions, I will be very glad to receive feedback (yankis at mail.ru).

See you on the expanses of the globe and on the pages of LTB.”

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