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Picture this: You’re in New York and you want to surprise your partner with a short romantic trip to Philadelphia. The city known as the birthplace of America makes for a perfect weekend getaway.

You have a few options to get there. Most people would probably take the 2 hour train ride. It’s relatively comfortable and predictable, but nothing worth remembering. A more scenic and memorable transportation option if you want to travel in style and treat your partner to amazing aerial views of a million flashing lights is to take a helicopter ride. The journey is much more magical when you look down at the vast panoramas.

A helicopter charter from New York to Philadelphia will take you 45 minutes, so you’ll save half your travel time. But more importantly, the trip itself will be a dazzling experience that will delight your partner to no end and fill your Instagram feed with stunning photos. Because you know, there’s nothing like a luxury shared experience to leave lasting memories.

Helicopter charter companies like New York-based Wings Air can help you organize this envy-inducing trip. Their fleet of helicopters in the Northeast US will quickly get you to Philadelphia, but also the Hamptons or Atlantic City, among many fabulous destinations.

Flying with Wings Air, you’re sure to live the high life (literally!). The luxury liner is known for its state-of-the-art helicopters (see below), but also for its experienced pilots. Apart from high-end helicopter tours, the company also works with film studios to film aerial scenes for films such as The Bourne Legacy, Now You See Me and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Founded in 2002 by former investment banker Javier Diaz, Wings Air also offers flying lessons.

So what can you expect for your weekend getaway to Philly? Wings Air has three models in their fleet to choose from:

  1. The ultra-luxury TwinStar Airbus
  2. The luxurious AStar Airbus
  3. Robinson Raven II

The ultra-luxury TwinStar Airbus AS355N

The TwinStar Airbus AS355N is a twin-engine light helicopter that Wings Air has configured to be the ultra-luxury option for discerning passengers. The helicopter can comfortably carry up to 5 passengers (plus the pilot) with 3 to 4 suitcases.

With a cruising speed of 100 kts and a range of 265 nm, it is the perfect option to travel in style.

The luxurious AStar Airbus AS350BA

The AStar Airbus AS350BA is a single-engine light helicopter. Wings Air configured it to be the luxury helicopter that can comfortably carry up to 6 passengers (plus the pilot) with 3 to 4 suitcases.

Like its bigger brother, the TwinStar Airbus AS355N, the AStar Airbus AS350BA has a cruising speed of 100 kts and a range of 265 nm.

Robinson R44 Raven II

The Robinson R44 Raven II is Wings Air’s entry-level helicopter. Slightly smaller than the two Airbus helicopters, the Raven II can carry up to 3 passengers with small luggage at a speed of 90 kts for a range of 215 nm.

We recommend the Robinson R44 Raven II for flight training and aerial photography.

Combine a luxury private helicopter tour and state-of-the-art experiences

If a weekend getaway to Philadelphia isn’t what you’re looking for, Wings Air has a lot more to offer. The helicopter company has joined forces with several 5-star locations and service providers in the Northeast US to bring their customers exclusive luxury travel experiences. The collection of experiences is ever-growing and currently includes private fly fishing trips in Vermont, race car driving at the Monticello Motor Club in upstate New York, and the perfect proposal experience at the Tuscan-inspired Glenmere Mansion.

Wings Air Luxury Helicopter Charter details

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