Locations in Dubrovnik based on the series “Game of Thrones”

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Dubrovnik has become wildly popular since the release of Game of Thrones. it was there that the scenes from the Lannister King’s Landing were filmed.

Even if you haven’t watched the show, I still recommend that you pay attention to these locations., because they are quite interesting.

About what, in principle, you can see in Dubrovnik, where to stay and what to do, I tell in separate post.

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Series filming locations in Dubrovnik

I singled out 10 placeswhich in any case you will go through while walking around Dubrovnik:

Locations in Dubrovnik based on the series

What are these places:

  • #1 – the gate to the Red Keep, appears in several scenes throughout the series. In reality – the gates of Ploce.
  • #2 – on St. Dominic in the fifth episode of the second season, the townspeople protested against the Lannisters, when Joffrey was openly called a child of incest, and Tyrion Lannister’s tricks were seen in his bad deeds.
  • No. 3 – The prince’s palace in reality, but according to the series, a place in the trading city of Qarth, where Daenerys meets the Spice King in the second season and asks him for ships.
  • #4 – The Jesuit staircase, along which the naked Cersei walked, making her shameful move.
  • #5 – The Tower of Mincheta, where Daenerys found the missing dragons in the second season.
Locations in Dubrovnik based on the series
  • #6 – The Pile Gate is the main gate to the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Appear in the frame throughout the series.
  • #7 – Fort Bokar can also be seen in many scenes.
Dubrovnik attractions
  • #8 – The Western Harbor of Dubrovnik in life or Blackwater in the series. Appears during the Battle of the Blackwater when Stannis Baratheon goes on ships to attack King’s Landing. It is also on this pier that Littlefinger talks to the naive Sansa Stark, and Shae, Tyrion’s lover, tries to support Sansa during her stay in the hated King’s Landing. Another scene was filmed here. I don’t remember exactly what and in what season, but you will definitely recognize this place:
Dubrovnik attractions
Dubrovnik attractions
  • #9 – Fort Lovrenac. He is nothing but the Red Castle itself.
Dubrovnik attractions
  • #10 – Gradac Park, where the Purple Wedding, where Joffrey Lannister was poisoned, was filmed.

If you have time and desire, you can also ride on Lokrum island – this is where most of the scenes of the second season were filmed in the trading city of Qarth.

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