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Legendary Venice. Brilliant and painful. Paradoxical and holy. But there are some tricks that lie in wait for the traveler here, which you need to know if you want to ensure a truly comfortable stay. First of all, we are talking about this: in Venice there are such purely tourist hotel places where almost everyone stops. On the Grand Canal and not far from Piazza San Marco. All these beautiful old palazzos, which are currently operating premium hotels, are certainly good. But the tourist bustle that goes on here all year round from morning to evening can spoil any romantic impression and negate the charm of even the most beautiful and sophisticated city in the world. That is why I stop in Venice not there. On the island of Giudecca. Remember this name.

The most pleasant island: magnificent palaces, wonderful basilicas, ancient gardens and spacious parks, unlike anything else, have long been a place of rest for the Venetians. And, of course, an absolutely strong and decisive argument in favor of this island is the Cipriani Hotel. The hotel was formed on the basis of several old palazzos, truly aristocratic and excellent. It is best to live in the “Palazzo Vendramin”. From the rooms located in it, such stunning views of the lagoon open up that you don’t even want to leave the rooms anywhere. The hotel has an incredible heated pool for Venice, as well as a spa center named after Casanova, which, according to legend, seduced a good dozen of the most beautiful Italian beauties directly in these places.



* * *

As an alternative to Cipriani, I can recommend Hotel Danieli. It will be especially pleasant for you if you want something like that “with history”. If Cipriani is a relatively young hotel, then Danieli is, one might say, the same age as Venice. It stands on the waterfront of Riva degli Schiavoni, not far from San Marco. The setting here is a perfect museum. The living breath of history is felt in everything – both in the creaking floorboards and in the old, slightly decayed carpets, which, however, have not lost their splendor at all. Wagner, Balzac, Dickens, Proust, Shelley lived in these apartments. It is worth experiencing it and staying in the old wing of the hotel, the historical one. Views are also on the lagoon (suites with views are somewhat more expensive, of course).


Hotel Danieli, Venice


* * *

Speaking of the best Venetian hotels, I would also mention the Ca Maria Adele hotel. Unlike the previous two, it is quite small. A real boutique hotel. 14 rooms, made in a postmodern vein, a kind of light mockery of the palatial luxury of other Venetian hotels. Try it.

Ca Maria Adele

Ca Maria Adele 2

Well, the hotels are finished, that’s it! We pass, at last, to the most interesting. To the restaurants of Venice! Locals generally believe that the true birthplace of haute cuisine is not France at all, but very categorically Venice. And indeed, good, beautiful and tasty food is one of the main Venetian pleasures and entertainments. For example, do you like sea food? Then you are in Osteria da Fiore. Seabass in balsamic vinegar and tuna fillet with rosemary are excellent. I also recommend trying the baked goods here.

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Another gastronomic establishment that is a must-see for all gourmets is Fiaschetteria Toscana. A place with tradition and history. Located near the legendary Rialto Bridge. Do not be deceived by the name of this restaurant, Tuscan wines were once stored here and the name was inherited, otherwise the cuisine is purely local, authentic. Deep-fried seafood interspersed with vegetables – very. Tigliolini with cuttlefish and lobster sauce is the height of bliss. Well, the crown of everything is a light, airy zaballone dessert.

Fiaschetteria Tuscany

* * *

Another place where good and tasty is Trattoria al Gatto Nero. Located on the island. Venetian cuisine here is beyond praise. The atmosphere is simple, non-binding, relaxed and free. Take, for example, Buranese risotto (risotto alla buranella) or spaghetti with sea food. And enjoy life and ease.

Well, the last recommendation for today is Locanda Cipriani on the island of Torcello. Lokanda is such a tavern where you can also live (surrender numbers). Such a kind of romantic mini-boarding house. Ernest Hemingway, for example, liked to rest from the hustle and bustle here, and many movie stars, artists and even representatives of royal families hid here. It simply would not have occurred to anyone to look for them!


Locanda Cipriani

Locanda Cipriani

Giuseppe Cipriane, who founded this institution, was an unsurpassed culinary specialist, he once developed many unique dishes that delight guests with their taste to this day. For example, meat carpaccio, green tagliolini with ham and cheese sauce, sunfish fillet with tomatoes and capers. And, of course, the obligatory bonus is the Bellini cocktail, also created by the tireless Giuseppe. Finally, be sure to order dessert. For example, meringue. With strawberry. Unforgettably.

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