Life as a Journey in Search of the Soul of the Place

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Travelers are a tribe.
A tribe that recognizes each other by the bright light in their eyes, by the spirit of wandering, which is invisibly felt in their aura, and by the lightness of their gait.
Travelers are a tribe. A tribe that moves around the world with a smile that opens any door, with an open and brave heart that knows for sure: adventure is my way, my passion and my life.

It is impossible to follow this path without trust and without surrender to the unknown.
Without a willingness to let go of your fears and be caring for what comes your way.

Travelers know that they are secretly carrying around the world and carefully passing the torch to each other, from heart to heart. The torch of the inner fire that ignites other hearts, that ignites with inspiration and thus the lives of others, and the torch that will never be extinguished.

Traveler Mikhail Kozhukhov once noted 3 stages that travelers go through in their development: first, these are the first outings with the help of a tour operator, then independent travel, then the search for an experienced guide who will show the country from the inside. I would add a fourth stage to these three – the experience of living in countries. I’ve been in Stage 4 for a very long time. My life has long turned into a Life as a Journey. It also became the name of the project of author’s tours, in which you can go with me or ask me to make an individual route for you through those countries that I have traveled far and wide. I invite you not to be shy and write to me directly about your impressions and wishes, ask questions, I will be very glad to receive feedback (yankis at

… Calling me Yana, my parents had no idea that they were giving me a name, which in Sanskrit means “path” or “journey.” I myself did not know this for quite some time, until I found myself in the Yana temple or the Temple of the Way, not far from the Indian town of Gokarna.

Having traveled 50 countries, I am not tired of it. Traveling has become my way of life: I often fly away without a return ticket, staying in a particular country for a long time, moving with the flow and intuitively, recognizing space and people from the inside.

In any of my journeys, I am looking for the Soul of the Place: the wisdom and experience of the people I met and the energy of the visited Places of Power are intertwined inside me, and I take these settings in my heart, and then I pass them on in travel notes, in poems and stories from wanderings. I try to convey the Soul of the place through 6 senses. What is the flavor of the country? What does she taste like? How does she sound? What do my palms feel when they touch the ancient stones? What ordinary-unusual notice my eyes? And what elusive thing do I feel when I stand on the main square of this or that country? The very thing that Gumilyov called the “Sixth Sense” …

What I put into the concept of the Soul of Place can now be felt – a series of my travel sketches “Life as a Journey” has been released on Storytel. Listening to these travel sketches divided into different cycles, you can travel with me to different parts of the planet and feel the Soul of the Place.

So far, there are 6 cycles in this line: “Across cities and villages”, “Armenian cycle”, “Indian cycle”, “Moroccan cycle”, “Sinai cycle” and “Marine cycle”. The line will be periodically updated with new cycles, and while the borders are not yet open, you can travel with me without getting off the couch, getting to know the Soul of the Place of a particular country or city.

In this line you will not find a word about luxury hotels or restaurants. Rather, it is something that is at a completely different pole. In my travels, I like to explore a variety of places and stay not only in luxury hotels, but also in the houses and apartments of local residents, sometimes quite unexpectedly getting to spend the night in some incredible place that I could not even think of.
But it is this openness and trust in the flow that guides me in my wanderings that gives me the opportunity to feel the Soul of the Place so deeply.

I share the mosaics of my travels and creativity on my youtube channel.

On Storytel, by the way, you can also get acquainted with my other lines: quantum meditations, guide poems and fairy tales for children and adults.

And recently my book of poems “Poems-Guides” was published. The genre can be defined as Travel Poetry. But this is not just wandering around cities and villages. This collection of poems is a “poetic guide”, consisting of three cycles: Poems from Wanderings, Wanderings of the Soul and Wanderings of the Spirit.

One day American spiritual teacher Sal Rachel said to me, “Your mission is to take people on trips. But not only in the physical, but also in the spiritual, inside yourself.

The book and the musical and poetic program of the same name “Poems-Guides” is a real journey. Together with the author, through verses-guides – verses-meditations, guides through the depths of the unconscious – the reader makes amazing journeys of the body, soul and spirit through the places of power of the planet Earth, into the history of ancient civilizations, into unknown worlds, but, most importantly, deep inside oneself, discovering its true essence.

Listen, read, come to the concerts (announcements in my instagram account) and have fun traveling inside and out!

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