Lappeenranta. My favorite town in Finland

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I want to tell you a little about Lappeenranta – the town Finland on the border with Russia, which I like, probably even more than Helsinki. Below I explain why.

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Shopping in Lappeenrante

Our fellow citizens go to Lappeenranta mainly for shopping. 16 km from the border are located three large supermarkets at once – Disa’s Fish, Lidl and Rajamarket.

Disa’s Fish is the largest and most expensive of the three stores. Lidl has very little choice, and Rajamarket looks like our “Pyaterochka” or “Magnet”.

There are products that are only sold at Disa’s. If a certain product is available in all three stores, for example, the popular Oltermanni cheese, then most often it will be cheaper in Rajamarket. Plus there are various promotions like “5 for the price of 4”.

On the move bonus programs. For example, a cashback that can be spent on the next purchase. Also, for all purchases above 40 euros, you can use tax-free.

My advice: you can go to Lidl in the city itself, i.e. the one where the Finns themselves are purchased. There is a huge selection of goods, and prices are lower than in border hypermarkets that work specifically for Russians who come for the Fae.

What to see in Lappeenranta

But I love Lappeenranta not for Fairy and Oltermanni, but for what it is small and cozy town with old wooden buildings, a fortress and beautiful harbor. It’s nice to just walk around.

What to see in Lappeenranta
What to see in Lappeenranta
What to see in Lappeenranta
What to see in Lappeenranta

Also there is Saimaa Canal – a shipping canal built by Russians in the middle of the 19th century. At that time, Finland was part of the Russian Empire, and Alexander Menshikov was its governor. The construction was conceived to connect the huge Saimaa basin with the Gulf of Finland. Finland still leases a section of the canalwhich is now in Finland. Under the current agreement, the lease is expected until 2063. This is what it means to build for centuries.

What to see in Lappeenranta
What to see in Lappeenranta

On one of our visits we took bicycles and arranged a bike tour around Lappeenranta. Among other things, we went to the Saimaa Canal, where memorial monuments to Russian emperors still stand.

What to see in Lappeenranta

As for cycling in principle, Finland is literally created for this. Even I, not being an experienced cyclist, felt completely comfortable and safe.. Almost everywhere there are sidewalks or separate bike paths, but where there are none, cars drive quite carefully. Here is another way to spend time in Lappeenranta.

Where to stay in Lappeenranta

We stop overnight in Lappeenranta only once, just when we went for a bike ride. The choice fell on Citimotel, because we were looking for something economical for three people.

For 1500 rubles per person per night (which is very inexpensive for Finland), we got accommodation in the city center, parking for bicycles, breakfast, sauna. The room had a sink and refrigerator, toilet and shower – on the floor. There were no queues there, despite the fact that we went for the May holidays.

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