Khalaktyrsky beach in Kamchatka: look at the Pacific Ocean

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It’s no secret that Kamchatka is my favorite place on Earth. Although I do not live there, but wherever life takes me, I do not call any other place my home. No other place gives rise to those feelings in me that I experience while in Kamchatka.

But there is a place in Kamchatka that I love the most, and this place is – Khalaktyrsky beach.

When I was very young, we often had picnics on the Pacific Ocean. Somewhere in the backyard of my memory, I still remember how a two-year-old me in a pink suit with two ponytails runs along the burning black volcanic sand and tries to escape from the ocean waves. Until now, returning to Khalaktyrsky beach, I do everything the same, only without ponytails.

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How to get to Khalaktyrsky beach

Khalaktyrsky beach is located 17 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The best way to get to it is by car/taxi – buses run only to certain settlements, from which it is still a 45-minute walk.

As long as I live, there is no good paved road to the beach. Maybe they will do it soon, because. In recent years, the beach has begun to gain great popularity.

On the way to the beach you will pass birch grovewhere you can pick up mushrooms and berries in between.

What to eat on Khalaktyrsky beach

Nothing. This is a completely wild beach.. Only recently a visitor center and several meters of wooden paths appeared there. There is no civilized toilet either. But don’t let this fact stop you – when you find yourself in place, you will understand that all this does not matter;)

Surfing in Kamchatka

A few years ago, Khalaktyrsky beach was chosen by surfers. now this one of the most popular surf spots in Russia, and even all-Russian competitions are held there.

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