June 29 – July 9 will host the International Jazz Festival in Vienna

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On June 29, the famous jazz festival in vienna. I think this is one of the most interesting events of the summer. Jazz events take place throughout the city day and night. Many city sights of the Austrian capital are being transformed into scenic spaces. AND Vienna State OperaAnd town hall filled with the sounds of jazz and all related styles – from soul to calypso …

This year, truly legendary artists will come to Vienna. More specifically, artists. For example, here are some names and dates: Cuban diva grandmother Omar Portuondo (with his ageless soul associates in Bueno Vista Social Club) will perform at the Vienna Opera on 1 July.

And on July 4, finally, the grandmother of punk rock, the old combatant, will honor the festival with her presence and performance. girlfriend of The Rolling Stonesand now a respected singer in jazz circles Marianne Fayfull (she was promised last year, but due to illness she could not come). In addition, the festival will feature Madeleine Peyroux, Solomon Burke, Samul Norii, Karen Asatryan and others. A total of 63 concerts by musicians representing 20 countries of the world will take place.

The Vienna Jazz Festival has existed since 1991, it is a festival with an international reputation, one of the main jazz festivals in the world. To miss it would be a crime against jazz morality. And I will definitely go there. In one of the upcoming reviews, I will tell you where I decided to stop… See the detailed schedule of concerts on the festival website.

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