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The month of November flew by in our time dimension. We’ve had so much to do and deal with that we haven’t even had time to post for Kinder Trips. But instead we have a short travel diary from November.

*** In the first part of the month we went on a trip on the Pucioasa-Breaza route, to visit the forest and see the wonderful autumn colors. We planned to reach the mountain, through Şirnea, for this autumn goodbye, but we didn’t succeed. But we explored new places, and the forest we discovered was wonderful!

I set off with my grandparents from Pucioasa on a trip to Breaza. We didn’t have a specific stopping place in mind, we were going to find it on the way. I arrived right at the last moment of the leaves; the strong autumn wind had begun to blow and the last leaves were coming off the trees, floating by the thousands in the air – a special spectacle, which you don’t catch every year. Silviu and Noria even saw a deer lounging under a tree :). We had a sunny day, where the light reflected gently through the trees in the forest, just what we wanted. I was very glad that we had the opportunity to say goodbye to autumn in this way and prepare to welcome winter.

The hills we walked on

In the magic forest

With grandfather

*** The month continued with an unexpected trip to Timișoara, where I went to pick up an award I received for a participatory art project, carried out within the Komunitas Association. The event was called the Youth Awards Gala and was organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. I had the road settled and one night’s accommodation paid for. Initially, the road seemed too long to us, but, lovers of road trips as we are, we didn’t hesitate and set off on a lightning trip through the country, with one-night stops in Sibiu, and there and back. Going with a toddler the whole Bucharest-Timișoara route in one piece seemed a bit too much, that’s why we split the route and Sibiu seemed to us the best option for stops.

*** In Sibiu we had the first snowfall this year, a pleasant surprise for Noria. In fact, for a good part of the way we kept meeting snow and fairy-tale landscapes, which perfectly suited the dreamy mood we had. The roads were mostly deserted, we crossed plateaus and saw mountains in the sky, we listened to liquid drum n bass most of the way. The ferris wheel made a little noise in the car when taking a shower, shortly before the stop in Sibiu, but when it came back it was perfume.

On dream roads

*** Timișoara welcomed us with the 1st prize obtained at the gala I was talking about, an intense cold, generous squares and public spaces, interesting conversations we had with all kinds of people at the event. Noria befriended the student organizers and became the evening’s entertainment for them. The gala took place at the Timișoara Opera House; I took turns sitting outside with Noria – she couldn’t wait to stay in the gym, obviously, she’s only 20 months old :). However, he lasted about 10 minutes, as long as there was a dance on stage (an intermediate moment), which captured his attention 100%. After the dance ended and the speeches resumed, Silviu put drawings on her phone (something we avoid doing as much as possible at home). Then, in the hall, in parallel with the speeches, you could also hear short exclamations such as: “meow”, “ufu” (the bear), etc. Then I went out into the corridors again. So that’s how Noria’s first outing at such an event was 🙂

Noria and the students

*** In the last part of the month, I went to Pucioasa again, where the grandparents babysat and Silviu and I had fun on the nearby hills, lighting a fire after sunset and listening to loud music with the doors open to car. That’s how we saw fit to have fun, even though we had other options available to us. In the park of Pucioasa Noria took (probably) the last leaf bath of 2016.

Leaf bath at Pucioas

Unfortunately, we have to give up the trip to Asia that we wanted so much (in January-February 2017). Instead, we decided to work on improving the life we ​​have here in Bucharest and leave the departure for next year, when the Ferris wheel will be bigger. Hopefully it will then become easier to cross the world with her on long plane journeys.
Until then, welcome winter!

Later edit: ha ha, we thought we wouldn’t make it to Asia in 2017, but we finally did!

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