Italian Dolomites. What to see in 1 day

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No matter how hard I try to turn and turn locations, to see several highlights of the Dolomites in one day without a car is extremely difficult, and at some points it is impossible in principle. There is a bus service, but the schedule and distances are such that it is problematic to fit even a couple of objects in one day.

Fortunately for us, there were acquaintances of acquaintances who agreed to take us around the Dolomites. Below I tell what can you fit if you have a car and only 1 day.


On this trip, we stopped in the town of Peschiera on Lake Garda. To this sweetest place I dedicated small post.

From Peschiera in the morning we went to Venice, and after examining it, we went by train to Treviso, where we were met by friends. From there by car 1.5 hours to cozy town of Feltrelocated near the Dolomite. There we spent the night, so that the next day we would not waste time and immediately go to the mountains in the morning.

In general, Verona is the most convenient starting point for traveling through the Dolomites.

Route through the Dolomites

The first stop on our route was Lake Alleghe (Lago di Alleghe), located 60 km from Feltre. Just look at the beauty and serenity.

From here you can see perfectly Mount Civetta (Monte Civetta).

The next item is Mount Marmolada (Malmolada) and Lake Fedaya (Lago di Fedaia). Marmolada is the highest point of the Dolomites, its height is 3342 m. In addition to being an incredibly beautiful place, during the First World War, there were fierce battles between the Italian and Austrian troops. There is even a small museum dedicated to this topic.

The glacier covering the top of the mountain is getting smaller and smaller every year – in the photo it is easy to determine by the level of tree growth.

At the foot of the mountain is Lake Fedaya, on which a dam is organized.

After drinking tea with traditional apple strudel at an altitude of 3000 meters, we drove on to Lake Carezza (Lago di Karezza).

This is one of the famous “mirror” lakes. Unfortunately, in autumn the water level in the lake drops, so this specularity is not fully manifested.

If you want to see the lake in all its glory, then come in May-June – during the melting of snow, the water level reaches its highest point.

But even in this form, the landscape is simply amazing.

Then we went through Bolzano to Trento, and from there by train back to Verona.

In general, it must be said that the northern part of Italy is significantly different from the southern – you can still feel the influence of neighboring Austria and Germany. Everything is so neat and clean.

Here is our route. From the text it seems that a little, but in reality – 300 km and a lot of impressions. I can safely say that The Dolomites are one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen 🙂

Unfortunately, in October 2018, a strong hurricane passed there, which knocked down a huge number of trees. Now you can observe such a picture – a gorge, one slope is buried in greenery, and the second is gray, strewn with fallen trees.

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