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In November 2018, at a business breakfast held by S7 Airlines, I was awarded a certificate for 40,000 points. Therefore, I planned my next vacation based on the offers of S7. The choice fell on Croatia, which I wanted to visit for a long time, but could not get there.

In May, when we had a vacation, S7 flew to Pula. Flights to Dubrovnik were supposed to appear only by the summer. “Pula so Pula,” we decided, and I started planning our trip.

We definitely wanted to visit Plitvice lakes and Dubrovnikabout everything else, I began to read and choose where else we should go.

As a result, the route was as follows: Pula – Plitvice Lakes – Split – Dubrovnik – Zadar.

Just 8 days. In Pula, Split and Dubrovnik, we had to spend two days each: one day was devoted to sightseeing, the second – to the sea and the beach. But life, as usual, has made its own adjustments, which I will discuss below.

If you want to order a comprehensive planning of your trip to Croatia or, on the contrary, learn how to organize your trips on your own, then you are here 🙂

A few words about traveling in Croatia by car

Renting a car in Croatia turned out to be fun is not cheap. More precisely, the rent itself was inexpensive, but the operation of the car cost us a pretty penny. Gasoline is expensive, toll roads are also expensive (more expensive than in the same Spain), you can’t find free parking during the day with fire. Therefore, if you calculate all the costs of the car for 7 days, then in general, we got about 16,000 rubles, excluding the rent itself.

I devoted a separate article to the intricacies of renting a car abroad.

Poole. Start

Literally a couple of days before the trip, we looked at the weather forecast and realized that the beaches did not threaten us much – the whole week of our vacation the weather was supposed to be no higher than 17 degrees, partly cloudy and occasional rains. In fact, to the heap, we also caught a hurricane.

They started replaying the whole program from Pula, because, judging by the weather forecast, the most tinny fell on the first three days our trip.

Therefore, immediately upon arrival, having settled in the apartment, we went sightseeingto make it before the rain.

We spent the whole second day in our apartments watching the World Hockey Championship, and only in the afternoon we went for a walk and picked up the car we were going to travel on at the station.

Pula, Croatia

I also checked the forecast for the next day, i.e. a day that was supposed to be the most memorable, because. we were going to go to the Plitvice Lakes, and was horrified. In the lake area, they promised -1 degree, snow and wind under 20 m/s. I immediately contacted the park administration and asked to change our tickets for another day. The only option that fit into our itinerary was the last day on the way from Zadar to Pula just before the flight. But we could not leave Croatia without visiting the lakes, so we decided to do so. Our tickets were changed without any problems.

About where to stay in Pula, what to see and where to eat, I talk on this page.

Days 3-4. Split

According to the plan, we also had 2 days for Split: one excursion, the second – beach.

Early in the morning we left Pula and had to arrive in Split closer to dinner, walk around the city in the afternoon, and devote the second day to sunbathing on the beach.

But the plan fell apart for two reasons:

  • We got lost on the way, because a large number of tracks were closed for repairs, which the navigator did not know about. Therefore, having stopped somewhere where the further path was blocked, we had to look for a bypass road, on which, of course, there were traffic jams.
  • We’re hooked Hurricaneso there was no question of any beaches.

In general, instead of the prescribed 5-6 hours, which should have gone on the road, we traveled for almost 9 hours. At the same time, it was almost impossible to get out of the car, because. the wind practically tore the doors off.

Needless to say, we arrived in Split so exhausted that we simply collapsed to watch the new episode of Game of Thrones. After a short rest, we went for a walk around the city. The consequences of the hurricane were felt a little more, there was a very strong wind, but the sun was already shining.

Split city in Croatia
Split city in Croatia

About Split and what is worth seeing there, where you can swim and where to eat, I tell here.

Days 5-6. Dubrovnik

On the 5th day we were supposed to drive from Split to Dubrovnik, but there is a catch on the route. After the collapse of Yugoslavia, during the division of the territory, a small piece of the coast between Split and Dubrovnik was given to Bosnia and Herzegovina. And what does this mean for us? And the fact that in order to pass this section, you need to cross the border more than once: first, leave Croatia and enter Bosnia, and then leave Bosnia and enter Croatia again, and all this in 15 minutes. And what does this mean? And this means that a single-entry Schengen visa for such a feint with your ears will not work for you, you need a multivisa. Here is such nonsense.

By the way, I forgot to say that to enter Croatia it is enough to have in your passport already open schengen multivisa.

That is, you cannot, say, open yourself a single-entry Italian visa, immediately after Italy go to Croatia and drive between Split and Dubrovnik, because leaving Croatia for Bosnia, your single-entry Schengen will be closed, and after 10 km of Bosnia, enter Croatia again you can not.

As for the rental car (that you kind of drive it outside the Schengen zone), at least Sixt has no problems with this: everyone knows about these unfortunate 10 km, and if you are not going to travel around Bosnia, then you will not get anything for this trip. But just in case, check this point with the distributor when you rent a car.

So, after visiting Bosnia, we went to Dubrovnik 🙂 The road goes along the coast and the views there are just fantastic.. The sun was shining all the time and it was very cool. But at the entrances to Dubrovnik, a cloud ran up, and such a heavy downpour began that it was simply impossible to see anything.

And in such conditions, we were forced to drive along the narrow, ornate roads of Dubrovnik in search of parking. And this is not an easy task.

Fortunately, the downpour quickly passed, we found a parking lot and after half an hour we went for a walk around sunny and warm Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik attractions

The next day, we were finally lucky with the weather – it was sunny, hot (about 25 degrees), and I even swam a little in water with a temperature of only 17 degrees Celsius. Before lunch, we lay on the beach, and then went to explore the city.

Dubrovnik attractions
Dubrovnik attractions

You can find a separate article about Dubrovnik here. And I also prepared an overview of the places where the shooting of the series “Game of Thrones” took place. Don’t thank 😉

Day 7. Zadar

On this day we started our way back towards Pula. About halfway from Dubrovnik to Pula is city ​​of Zadar. So we chose it as a transit point.

Read more about what to see in Zadar here.

Day 8. Plitvice Lakes

And finally, we arrived at Plitvice Lakes. In the morning it was foggy and overcast, and then the weather cleared up, and we were able to admire them in full glory 🙂

Plitvice lakes in Croatia
Plitvice lakes in Croatia

Read a separate post about visiting Plitvice Lakes on this page.

After a 2-hour walk in the park, we drove to the airport, dropped off the car there and flew home.

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