How to choose an exclusive safari? What expectations should you have from such a tourist offer?

There are many factors that must be taken into account as soon as you decide to go on a luxury African safari. Safaris come in many different shapes and sizes and certainly not all offers are created equal. If you still can’t decide where to go, when you should travel and what expectations you should have from this experience, below you will discover some important aspects to take into account before booking an offer for an exclusive safari.

The type of accommodation available in a luxury safari

Whether you want the luxury of a private villa with your own small and deep pool or you want to sleep in one of the many tented camps – you will be guaranteed a wonderful and unforgettable safari experience in many private lodges in Africa.

A chalet private offers you the opportunity to have close-up viewing opportunities with an experienced and knowledgeable guide, wonderful accommodation and all-inclusive rates.

You might hear the expression “tent camp” and think that this type of accommodation could be a kind of camping, but you don’t have to worry. The accommodation will definitely give you a memorable experience, if you choose the right one.

Landscapes – what is different in the different luxury safari offers?

When choosing a country for a luxury African safari, the most popular destinations are Namibia , Serengeti , Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania .

There are clear differences in the different locations. In places like Namibia and Tanzania, you will experience vast plains full of herds of animals. In other destinations, you will often look for animals in the bushes. Before thinking that it is not as interesting, surely each offer has its charm. The driver/guide knows exactly where to find the animals and, when you discover them, the emotion will be even greater.

Another thing to consider is whether the accommodation is private or part of a national park. Private accommodations offer a more exclusive experience, as you can escape the crowds and experience the wilderness without encountering other vehicles or people.

Only the vehicles belonging to the lodgers located in the reserve are allowed to drive and are often limited to 2-3 vehicles for each wildlife observation. Compare this to going to see the Great Migration in the Masai Mara, when you can share the experience with 50 other vehicles at the same time.

What time of the year is suitable for a safari?

The Great Migration continues Serengeti and Tanzania from November to July and in Masai Mara from August to October.

One thing is worth remembering: even the largest luxury accommodation spaces in Africa they will have an off-season or a quieter period, just ask the travel agency what is different in the peak season. There are usually very few differences and you may get a better deal for an exclusive safari if you book outside of peak season.
Each person has their own idea of ​​what they want from their luxury safari and it is important to talk to a travel consultant, who will help and guide you to the best experience of this kind.

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