How can vacation be combined with work?

Remote work is becoming more and more popular and not only because of the effects of the pandemic. Many tasks can be performed from the home office, which saves time and reduces stress. If you can work from anywhere, why not from a lush island or from a 5-star hotel? This type of offers can be found more and more in the offers of travel agencies. But what do you need to know about them and where is it worth going?

Remote work offers flexibility

Working remotely has its advantages and disadvantages. Frequent advantages include flexibility and free choice of where you work. All you have to do is to have access to a computer and the Internet to be able to complete your tasks from home or anywhere else.

Since you can freely choose where exactly your home office is, why not choose a restaurant with a sea view on the island of Bali? This is how the idea of ​​remote work combined with a trip to a place usually associated with vacations was born.

Work from an exotic paradise – what is it?

Workation is a combination of two English words: work and vacation. The idea is to combine business with pleasure and go to a place that is usually associated with leisure rather than work, to rest and relax, while fulfilling your tasks in the remote work system.
Work is therefore not a vacation, but a job, but combined with a radical change of the environment into a much more pleasant one and with the possibility of using the tourist base after working hours. You can work, for example, at the table of a cafe overlooking the ocean, then you can visit an exotic island, a picturesque city or go on a safari in the desert.

Remote work, in a vacation location, is slowly gaining popularity among employers and employees, as a compromise between rest and work, relaxation and productivity.

More than anything else, workation works great for some. Before you decide to work remotely from an exotic destination full of attractions, you must honestly think about whether you will be able to fulfill your obligations under unusual conditions.

If you are able to combine productivity with a change of environment and refrain from giving in to the vacation mood until the end of the working day, you can go further and see how this way of functioning will affect your well-being and motivation.

However, if it’s easiest for you to concentrate in your own office, perhaps you should wait until your next vacation before leaving.

Which places are suitable to combine work and vacation?

Any place where you can conveniently configure a laptop and where the WIFI network works flawlessly is suitable for workation.

Everything else depends on the employee’s preferences – some prefer to go to the mountains, others to the sea, and there are also people willing to go on trips abroad to exotic places. Some prefer well-stocked hotels and restaurants, others prefer lonely houses hidden from the world.

More and more hotels, resorts and tourist towns are investing large sums in creating a special offer for digital nomads – people who work remotely. For example, there are quiet local offices (coworking centers) or hotel rooms adapted to the needs of remote work, where you can concentrate while working and where you can visit the tourist attractions at the end of the work schedule.

If you resonate with this workation concept, contact us for suitable recommendations for your work style and vacation preferences!

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