Home away from home: a heavenly family oasis on Koh Phangan

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Traveling around the islands of Thailand, it is worth spending a few weeks on the island of Koh Phangan – it is he, of all the islands, that has a special, indescribable energy. When you get here, you immediately feel as if you have come to the village to old friends and relatives, where they were waiting for you and prepared a lot of delicious food and impressions. The atmosphere of friendliness, kindness and tranquility envelops you from the first minute and keeps you until the last, which is why you can easily stay here for a month or two – it’s very good and homely here.

Snow-white beaches, cafes and restaurants for every taste and budget, various leisure activities from meditation, yoga and vipassana to noisy beach parties in the south – everyone will find something to their liking here. The south is more lively and suitable for partygoers, while the north will appeal to those who come for the relaxation of body and soul. The best part is that you can alternate one with the other, moving around the island and discovering new beaches and hotels.

In the northeast, in the most beautiful bay of the island, there is Thong Nai Pan beach, divided by a rock into two parts: the northern one – Thong Nai Pan Noi, where all luxury hotels are located, and the southern one – Thong Nai Pan Yai.

On this cliff separating two beach brothers, surrounded by mountains covered with tropical vegetation, the Panviman Resort hotel is comfortably located. The word “panviman” in Thai means “paradise” and fully justifies its name. In addition to the amazing view of both sides of the coast of Thong Nai Pan, the place is unique in that it combines all the elements of a luxury hotel with the traditional design of the villas – the interiors are dominated by antique wooden furniture and dark chocolate-colored parquet, the wood for which is imported specifically from the northern province. Thailand Chiang Mai, where the second hotel of the same name is located. Such adherence to traditions comes from the ideology of the owners – an elderly couple – who have not changed the concept for thirty years, since the founding of the hotel.

There are a lot of villas and rooms – 94, but due to the competent arrangement of the hilly territory of the hotel, you constantly feel as if you are alone here: tropical trees hide neighboring houses from view, leaving you alone with the soft wind wafting from the sea and the sky spread over the balcony strewn with stars.

By the way, the hills and paths to the villas are so steep that a “taxi” service is available at any time – within a couple of minutes after a phone call, a personal tuk-tuk comes for you and takes you wherever you want. This is a separate entertainment, reminiscent of a roller coaster in the tropics. The journey becomes exciting: with interest I want to look at every tree and bush along the way.

There are enough destinations: on the territory of the hotel there are as many as three restaurants, a spa, yoga areas, an infinity pool, a shop, a library, an organic garden, and, of course, a beach.

Waking up on my birthday in a personal paradise, I kindly ask for a tuk-tuk to take me to breakfast at the Pan Sea restaurant on a hill with a 360-degree view of the Gulf of Thailand, where I literally take my breath away. Walking barefoot on a wooden panoramic terrace in the golden rays of the soft morning sun, I choose a table for myself and head to the buffet with a wide selection of dishes from Thai to European. My favorites are “health juice” (health nectar), which is freshly squeezed juice from various fruits and vegetables. The recipe changes every day, and a small portion of juice is enough to instantly feel fresh and awakened to the joys of a new day. In second place among the delicacies are hot balls of tender coconut pudding, which are cooked right in front of you. This dish alternates with other author’s desserts, the assortment of which changes every day. Another restaurant – Stone Beach – is located on the beach, surrounded by beautiful huge boulders. Here, the menu presents the best examples of Thai cuisine, and in the evenings live music is played and barbecues are prepared.

The picturesque spa overlooking the sea offers a variety of treatments, from traditional Thai massage and healing Ayurveda to full hours of ceremonies for two. We have chosen a paired thai yoga massage – a Thai massage with elements of yoga: the perfect combination for those who want to combine business with pleasure and deeply feel their muscles. As for yoga, daily classes take place at dawn on the beach, and there is also the opportunity to take individual practices on the top blown area overlooking the azure water.

In Panviman, everything seems to exude the spirit of family and home: when entering the territory, you can see many young trees with the names of the newlyweds who tied their fate here; hens and chicks roam freely; in a small organic garden, herbs and spices are grown, which are then used in Thai cooking classes; the staff smiles as if you have been waiting here for a long time, and if you just want to, a helpful tuk-tuk is right next to you, ready to take you towards new experiences.

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