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Helsinki for 1 day or our 5 hour visit to the capital of Finland, which was the final stop trips to Lapland.

If you want to order a comprehensive planning of your trip to Finland or, conversely, learn how to organize your own trips, then you are here 🙂

How to get to the center of Helsinki

If you have arrived by bus from St. Petersburg or by train Allegro, then you are already in the center. The most popular bus terminus is Kamppi (Kamppi Shopping Center), the train terminus is Central Station. Both locations are located in the center of Helsinki, literally a five-minute walk from each other.

If you arrive at Helsinki airport, then everything is a little more complicated (but not much). So you have several ways to get to the center:

  • A train to the Central Station will take you for 5.5 euros and 30 minutes;
  • Regular bus will do the same for the same money in only 40 minutes. The advantage of the bus is that you do not have to go to the final one. You can get off at the stop closest to the place you have booked for the night. There are day buses and there are night buses. Nights are more expensive.
  • FinAir shuttle for 6.8 euros non-stop in the same 30 minutes will bring you all to the same Central Station.
  • Nobody canceled Taxiif it suits you and your budget allows.

We landed at the already familiar Helsinki airport around 6 in the morning, in a couple of minutes we found a bus stop, after another 5 minutes a bus arrived, for relatively little money and about 40 minutes took us to the center of the Finnish capital.

In general, to plan your travels in Helsinki, you can use website of the HSL transport system He is very informative and understandable.

My first impressions of Helsinki

The first thing that caught my eye was incredible amount of snow. It turned out that there was a terrible snowfall at night, so the whole city was filled with snowplows.

I somehow quickly got into Helsinki. There doesn’t seem to be anything special about him., the city fades against the background of other capitals. But either I liked all this snowy “atmosphere” so much, or my love for simplicity and conciseness made itself felt, but Helsinki instantly sunk into my soul.

What to see in Helsinki in 1 day (a few hours)

Back at the Rovaniemi airport, we took the map that we followed during our short visit to the capital of Finland. In less than 6 hours we saw, probably, all the main sights of the city (many of which, by the way, are somehow connected with Russia) and even went to the botanical garden (for free!) and reached the hockey stadium.

Here a list of all the places that you can easily bypass during such a short stay in the capital of Finland:

  • Market Square,
  • Senate Square and the Cathedral,
  • Assumption Cathedral,
  • old covered market
  • Aleksanterinkatu street,
  • Amos Anderson Art Museum (no inside tour),
  • Church of Temppeliaukio (church in the rock),
  • Silence Chapel.

This is how it looks on the map:

What else to see in Helsinki, if time permits

If you are visiting during the warm season, then I recommend to visit a few more places:

  • ride the ferry from the Market Square to Fortified islands of Suomenlinna;
  • pop into a bar or restaurant, or just stroll through the pretty street of Kanavaranta, completely crammed along with private boats and yachts (similar to Strandvegen Boulevard in Stockholm, only much Narrower and shorter);
  • take a walk along the green embankment in the Eira and Merisatama areas, stop by Löyly for a cocktail overlooking the Gulf of Finland or take a steam bath there;
  • feel at the beach resort in one of the bars Hernesaaren Ranta.

In winter, Helsinki is not bad, but in summer it is much nicer;)

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