Green House Detox & SPA Hotel. An oasis of harmony in Sochi.

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The mansion of a delicate light green color behind a carved fence immediately attracted my attention when I was walking around a quiet area of ​​​​Sochi. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a Green House Detox & SPA boutique hotel. I have been living in Sochi for several days now, changing different hotels and carefully listening to feelings and sensations: what does my body want? what about my soul?

I decided to look here and, having received information about the services of the hotel at the reception, I felt the strongest response – it seems that this is just what I needed: a cozy small boutique hotel (25 spacious and comfortable rooms), an outdoor pool, Nautilus SPA thermal complex , Nautilus Beauty studio, meditation and yoga room, Nautilus Sport cardio zone.

Having met the most pleasant owner of the hotel, I made sure that my feelings did not deceive me. A thoughtful integrated approach to each client, based on the balance of soul and body, filling the guests with harmony and joy, interesting master classes taking place here, fascinating health paths, passing along picturesque routes, accompanied by an instructor. In addition, the hotel was nominated for the Russian Hospitality Awards-2019 in the Best Wedding Hotel category, which already indicated a high level of service.

I happily moved to the Green House Detox & SPA Hotel for three days, trusting in the program, carefully prepared for me by the hotel specialists, taking into account my interests (it included detox nutrition, spa treatments, and massages for body and soul by therapists highly qualified), and relaxation in the steam room and Turkish hammam of the snow-white thermal complex.

My every morning began with a visit to the Europe restaurant and breakfast on a cozy outdoor terrace by the pool according to a menu specially designed for me. The express detox program included vegetable dishes, fruit juices and smoothies, and lean fish. Despite the seemingly simple menu, the dishes were incredibly tasty, and in addition to enjoying the taste, I also received aesthetic pleasure from serving and decorating the dishes.

All unique hotel detox programs include consultations of highly qualified specialists, specialized detox nutrition, hardware cosmetic and SPA procedures, bowel cleansing and tubage, yoga and meditation. After completing the programs, the functioning of the organs and systems of the body improves, its protective functions are restored, the symptoms of chronic diseases are removed and the natural processes of rejuvenation of the body cells are launched.

Visits to Nautilus SPA are worth a separate story, if only because all the masters who work there have a high level of professionalism and a careful and sensitive attitude towards the client. Separately, I want to note the Taoist massage of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity Qi Nei Tsang, which has a complex effect on all human systems, including the digestive, cardiovascular and other systems and has the effect of restoring health and psychological balance in the body. And what about stone therapy, Japanese facial massage Kobido or chocolate massage, which combines the techniques of lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, aimed at stimulating metabolic processes in the human body and normalizing the psychophysical state.

Among other things, the GREEN HOUSE Detox & SPA Hotel has luxurious apartments with an area of ​​440 sq. m, with four bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen, ideal for family trips, outings of friends or even for small workshops. As well as the Nautilus Beauty salon, where you can use the services of highly qualified specialists, where I visited before flying to Moscow to put myself in order on the eve of the evening concert.

In general, this hotel has developed so many different and unique programs that you can choose one that suits your needs. For example, those who are especially interested in the topic of beauty can choose the Beauty tour program, which combines excellent procedures with relaxation and new experiences. The advantage of such a tour is its intensity and quick results under the supervision of an experienced cosmetologist.

Or the unique detox program “Hormone of Youth”, which has no analogues in the domestic detox industry, combining modern treatment methods in the legendary balneological resort of Matsesta, relaxing SPA and cosmetic procedures, oriental massage practices, fascinating health paths. Matsesta balneotherapy is the same “Renewal” button for the body, by clicking on which you can start the natural functions of cleansing and restoring your body.

Leaving GREEN HOUSE, I felt great gratitude for these three days in a cozy hotel, with an interior design thought out to the smallest detail, in a careful and sensitive space of pleasure and care, where beauty and magic of rituals are combined, filling with love and joy.

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