From December 30 to January 4, the next winter jazz festival in Umbria will be held

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Jazz lovers have many reasons to travel the world this winter. This winter there will be at least two jazz events that deserve attention. First, this jazz fest in barbados (January 11-17), and secondly (and this is perhaps the most interesting and large-scale jazz event of the winter) – Umbrian festival. Every year it takes place in one of the cities of the Umbria region (famous for its historical and architecturally interesting towns).

This year the festival will take place in the town of Orveto (or – Orvieto). I was there about five years ago, literally passing by. The weather was bad, it was raining, but I still really liked the city: I remember it as a beautiful, atmospheric, romantic place, mountains, green valleys, olive groves, foggy hills all around, in general beautiful landscapes, and in the center – a fabulous medieval a city on a hill – narrow cobbled streets, ancient temples and basilicas and echoes of the past …

But a few words about the festival itself. In fact, this event is a winter version of the famous summer jazz festival, which also takes place in Umbria. This year’s winter festival will take place from December 30 to January 3. I caught one of the last Umbrian winter fests. And it was a lot of fun: jazz concerts, jazz lunches, jazz dinners and other jazz events were held all over the city day and night, and to miss each of them would be an undoubted crime against good taste and jazz morality.

However, during the festival you can hear not only jazz artists, but also blues, soul and rock stars from all over the world.

Of the celebrities this year, they promise, for example, the great guitarists – Jim Hall, Bill Frizell and John Scofield.

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