From Budapest to Bratislava What to see in the capital of Slovakia in 1 day

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There are many people in Navryatli who dream of getting to Bratislava, but there are many more who decide to ride there for one day from Budapest or Vienna.

We are no exception. The decision to travel to Bratislava was made in the following way:

It’s snowing in Budapest today. Let’s go to Bratislava?

– And let’s go! Let’s buy a hotel!

(Thanks to Eurotrip for our happy childhood)

So, I’m talking about how to ski and what you can do in Bratislava in 1 day.

If you want to order a comprehensive planning of your trip to Bratislava or, on the contrary, learn how to organize your trips on your own, then you are here 🙂

How to get from Budapest to Bratislava

From the station Budapest-Nyugati There are several trains a day to Bratislava. On my way 2.5 hours one way. Price – 17.5 euros round trip.

Can be reached by bus. The same is true for time and money.

On the train we passed Visegrad (or Visegrad) – the capital of Hungary in the XIV century. At that time, near the Visegrad fortress, work began on the royal palace. After the transfer of the capital to Buda in the XIV-XVI centuries, the Visegrad Palace served as the summer residence of the Hungarian kings.

In the 18th century, the Visegrad fortress and palace were destroyed by the Habsburg troops during the war for Hungary. Until our time, only one tower of the fortress has been completely preserved – Solomon’s Tower, which hangs over the Danube. According to legend, it was in this tower that Vlad the Impaler, better known as Count Dracula.

I even regretted that we just drove through this city. I wanted to return to Hungary and purposefully visit Vysehrad. Unfortunately, I did not have time to take a photo, but there are many of them on the Internet even without me.

And in general, all the way you will have such landscapes

Visa to visit Bratislava

Slovakia is one of the countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement, so to visit it, it is enough to have Schengen visa.

When crossing the border, no one entered our train and did not check our passports. Only Megafon told us that we had arrived in Slovakia 🙂

How to apply for a Schengen visa, I wrote in detail here.

Currency of Slovakia

Euro. Cards were accepted everywhere we went. We did not find any problems with this.

What to see in Bratislava in 1 day

So, you have arrived in Bratislava. Directly at the station there is such a vending machine for the sale of dairy products

20 minutes walk to the Old Town.

On the way you will come across Grassalkovich Palace.

AND Capuchin Church (or Saint Stephen), above which rises Bratislava castle (however, it’s hard to say what he doesn’t rise above in Bratislava :))

And here you are in old town

You can walk along fortress wall

Before Mikhailovsky gate

And come on Main square of the city

Where is located Old Town Hall and Roland’s fountain.

And in the Old Town there are many different figurines-monuments. Everyone knows about monument plumber Chumil, and we took a picture with this guy – a soldier of the Napoleonic army

And in the Old Town (in fact, as in the Old Towns, probably, of all European capitals) there are many very nice showcases and souvenir shops.

By the way, I really liked Slovak souvenirs.

If you are not as lazy and sleepy as we are, and arrive in Bratislava in the morning (and not at two in the afternoon, as was the case in our case), then you will have time to climb to the Bratislava castleto look at the city from a height, and look into Cathedral of Saint Martin.

What to try in Bratislava

Slovak cuisine is very similar to Czech (which is no wonder :)).

You can taste the national cuisine and wash it down with craft beer at the 1782 base brewery Bratislavsky Mestiansky Pivovar.

Here menu fragment:

We took Kapustnitsa (national Slovak soup) and Roaste hock with stewed cabbage, potato dumpling, Slovak loksha (potato pancake), cheese plate and local beer. ate horribly and paid only about 1000 rubles. per person🙂

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