Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou (China, Hangzhou) is open for bookings!

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“What is this tea?” my secretary asks me every time, having decided to take a break and indulge in contemplation, I brew something like that, mostly, of course, Chinese. Unfortunately, the peculiarities of my secretary are such that she can never remember how, say, Tie Guan Yin differs from Long Zing. No matter how you explain it to her, every time she asks the same question again – “What kind of tea is this today, Oleg Stepanych? So delicious!” Today is Long Ching, Anechka! And there is a decisive information reason for this. After all, it has just become possible to reserve a room in a not yet opened Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou.

Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou

Hangzhou is one of the most pleasant (or, in Chinese terms, feng shui) cities in China. And here, everyone without exception drinks Long Tsing, one of the most famous varieties of Chinese green tea. Dragon Well – this is how its name is translated. This variety is grown right here in the suburbs of Hangzhou. And in the city tea shops you can find a wide variety of varieties of this super-tea. A tea with its own character, with a noticeable touch of citrus and the freshness of oriental beauties.

Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou, Xi Hu, China, Hangzhou

However, tea is not the only reason to visit this city. In addition to tea, there is also a lake. Magic lake Xi Hu (or, as it is called in the western manner – West Lake). This lake is sung by all the great Chinese poets, and for good reason. It really casts some kind of spell. I remember once I sat for two hours in a row on a bench on its shore, just admiring its calmness and imbued with some kind of peaceful meditative mood that rose from its surface. Here is an example from poetry:

When there are not a single cloud in the sky, the waves sparkle in the sun’s rays,
And a light rain will hang in a veil – a wonderful view will open in the mountains.
I want to compare Lake Xihu with the famous beauty Xi Shi:
Even with a frown, she could captivate – all the beauty of appearances is good!

Xi Hu Lake, Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou

And now in Hangzhou there is a third – after the lake and Long Zing tea – a lure for an understanding traveler. The Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou promises to become a landmark in its own right.

Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou

Everything is expected in the best four-season traditions. 78 rooms (from 678 square meters each), including 7 suites, as well as 3 separate villas for large families. Views of the garden and the lake, decoration – traditional Chinese chic, and, of course, excellent technical equipment. And now you can book a room for October! And, you know what, I think it’s not just possible…

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