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Italy it’s a separate planet. I am not a fan of buying property abroad, but here villa v Tuscany I have already firmly decided to buy, because this is one of the main gastronomic lure of Italy. Besides, I often have to go there on business. And most often in Florence. Renaissance city, city of art. Today we will talk about where to live and eat in Florence. The topic is large, there are many options, so we will focus only on the most acceptable ones.

1. The first hotel you need to visit (if you don’t stay there, then visit at least!) is Four Seasons Hotel Firenze. He just blew me away. A huge green garden, in which there is a mansion of the 15th century, inside which on the ceilings … the real frescoes of the Renaissance – this alone is worth a lot.

four seasons in Florence

Four Seasons in Florence - view from the window

The hotel was opened recently, in October 2008, and before that the building was restored for seven years under the strict supervision of the Italian Ministry of Fine Arts and Culture.

2. The next Florentine hotel that I can definitely recommend to my reader is Villa San Michele. This Orient Expressand that has already said a lot. Historic mansion that once served as a Franciscan monastery and which later became headquarters of Napoleon Bonaparte (Well, that is, you know what I’m talking about). It’s funny that the suite arranged in the apartments Bonaparteis now called not by his name, but Michelangelo. Apparently, this is a manifestation of the patriotism characteristic of Italians.

Villa San Michele

Villa San Michele

From the windows you can see the Florence you conquered, the interiors are brilliant – however, like crystal chandeliers and authentic paintings by Italian masters …

Well, two more offhand options where to stay in Florence. First, you should pay attention to the hotels of a small family chain. Lungarno. They are owned by the famous Ferragamo design family. President – directly James Feragammoson of the legendary shoemaking godfather Salvatore Feragammo. All this is the key to both success and quality. They have six or seven hotels and villas in Florence alone. There are plenty to choose from. I once stayed at Lungarno Suites, in Suite Belvedere. Everything is modern, fashionable and tasty. And the views are really good.

And finally, my little discovery: Villa Medici Grand Hotel. Here you will feel like in a museum, but not like an exhibit: you can not be afraid, the museum feeling will not bring you any discomfort, this is for Italy, in general, in general, in my opinion, just a must-be feeling.

Villa Medici Grand Hotel

Now for the restaurants. First, if you are going to Florence, you need to know that Enoteca Pinchiorri is located there. This is one of the most extensive wine collections in the world, an enoteca for true connoisseurs and fans. My relationship with Tuscan (and especially Super Tuscan) wines is quite complex. That’s why I come here for sure. To just relax. Enoteca owner – Giorgio Pinchorri is a real guru. He has over 150,000 bottles in his collection, and he knows each one like his wife. Of course the wines here are not only Italian. All ages.

Maestro Giorgio Pinchorri

The wine is served with ravioli with ricotta cheese, duck breast with bean puree and the freshest sea bass with polenta. Usually, in order to dine at Señor Pinchorri’s, you need to book in advance. Keep this in mind. And keep in mind this thing right away: it is customary to wear evening suits here. In extreme cases, a tailcoat can be rented right there.
The restaurant has been awarded three Michelin stars.

As you understand, Pinchorri’s dishes are matched to wine. But if you want to enjoy the classic Florentine cuisine – steaming steak with vegetables and parmesan or sheep cheese risotto with nuts, for example … then Rossini is for you. There is also an enoteca, where without it in Florence, but they feed so they feed …

the same steak
photo from here.

Italy. Florence. Summary

Where to stay: Four Seasons Hotel Firenze – rating 5.

Villa San Michele – rating 5

Lungarno – rating 4.

Villa Medici Grand Hotel – rating 4.

Where to eat (and drink!): Enoteca Pinchiorri – rating 5.

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