Fear and Loathing on the Island of Mahe

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You may be surprised, but at the Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa on Mahe island (this is the main island Seychelles) I did not like. I rarely scold hotels, but if I scold, then they definitely deserve it. Of course, in this case, everything can be attributed to wild fatigue after the flight (to fly Seychelles I had to this time with transfer in Dubai, where it was still necessary to sit in the lounge for almost three hours while waiting for a flight to the Seychelles capital of Victoria). One way or another, but … Seychelles Hilton (whose main legend is that Ian Flemingchilling under a fan in one of these lacquered wooden villas, sketched drafts of his next imperishable pro James Bond), — yes, yes, this hotel immediately somehow embarrassed and outraged me. First: when I arrived, there was no one at the reception. And I had to wait half an hour for at least someone to appear, and I (tired and exhausted!), Finally, they take me to the booked (by the way, a week before) suite! And this, gentlemen and ladies readers, Hilton!? The one great Hiltonwhere, in theory, the guest should have been rolled like cheese in butter from the very first minute of his appearance there!

Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa

hilton northolme hotel

Of course, when a miracleethe vice manager finally showed up, she was polite and immediately served me a welcome champagne, but the first impression had already been created: the staff was gouging. In the future, it, unfortunately, only strengthened. The waiter (an Indian, as I immediately understood – I have a good eye for these lazy people) instead of orange juice brought me whiskey for some reason (as it turned out later, he mixed up the villas), and when I asked him to serve me dinner on the balcony, he -something unnecessarily familiarly clarified: “On the balcony?”. Yoshkin cat. On the balcony, yes. I want to eat and enjoy the views!

Speaking of views. To the credit of the Hilton Seychelles Northolme must be notedthat his houses were built at the most advantageous point Mahe Islands, and therefore most of the villas offer transcendental views. Well, if I’m already talking about the merits, I can’t help but note two more things. The first is that the villas are completely wooden, from floor to ceiling, which is nice. Secondly, the design is on top (abstract paintings and other art hang on the walls, and the pillows on the sofa are matched exactly to the color of these paintings, and although all this creates a feeling of some anxiety and does not contribute to relaxation, it is stylish, stylish, stylish, damn it) .


Soon another unpleasant detail came to light: broken jacuzzi (sic!). In general, I could not have a normal rest in the Seychelles Hilton, and with relief I left this institution, departing in the direction of Frigate Island. About which I will tell somehow separately. And the next time I happened to spend the night on Mahe, I already, of course, preferred to stay at the Banyan Tree. And that was something completely different!

banyan tree

(By the way, I later found out that the manager of the Seychelles Hilton is also an Indian. That explains a lot.)

Seychelles. Mahe Island. Summary.

Where to sleep: Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa on Mahe island – rating 2.
Banyan Tree – rating 5.
Where there is: Marie-Antoinette. (Creole cuisine) – rating 3.
Au Jardin D’Epices (African Cuisine at Banyan Tree Seychelles) – Rated 5.

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