Everything you need to know before you go on your first safari in Zambia

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Known as the heartbeat of Africa, Zambia is one of the wildest regions on the continent, offering those who go out in safari (whether for the first time or for the thousandth time) an experience of unmatched After you have made the brilliant decision to book your first safari in Zambia, you may find yourself surfing the web to gather more knowledge of what to expect on your trip, the season you you’re visiting, what to pack and all the information you need to prepare. This journal is your guide filled with advice from a safari lover who has been for the first time and everything you need to prepare for your next one african adventure

Ten tips for a first safari in Zambia

Travel offers the opportunity to learn, experience, discover and in turn create memories with a new appreciation for life as you know it. Compiled by a first-timer on safari, below are ten tips to keep in your back pocket as you head out on your first safari adventure in Zambia.

1. Go with an open mind: Africa is a unique place, unlike anything you’ve seen before, so it’s important to open up to this unique experience to make the most of what it has to offer.

2. Be prepared to disconnect from the everyday world: Some safaris take place in some of the most inaccessible parts of Zambia, so expect a reduced social media connection. Although some camps have Wi-Fi, no one is spoiling a moment of respite through a digital detox. It may feel unusual at first, but you will see that it will become so organic and natural.

3. Meet your guide who will accompany you: You will spend a lot of time with your guide.
Use this time to get to know his stories. Guides and locals are eager to share their experiences and knowledge about wildlife, culture, wildlife and more.

4. Don’t miss a safari in the heart of Zambia’s wildlife: A sense of satisfaction is born
great, when you learn about new bird species, develop the ability to identify a tree you knew nothing about, or learn to track down a family of lions.

5. Take part in safari activities: If you have enough time, try to add as many activities as possible to your schedule. A walk in nature or a night under the open sky are wonderful ways to reconnect with nature.

6. Ask all the questions you have: Not only to your guide, but also to the camp team. The locals of Zambia welcome their guests with open arms and hearts, always happy to share their teachings with those who want meaningful conversations.

7. Be aware that you are safe: A first visit to the wild lands of Zambia can be haunted by uncertain thoughts. The key to safety and trust is to remain respectful of wildlife and their environment. The relationship created with the guide also takes precedence in the desired sense of security.

8. Accept the sounds of nature: Wild animals have their own language to communicate with each other, which can be a completely new experience when you stop to listen. The music of nature in Zambia leaves its mark on the being, being special and full of weight: the sounds of hippos that will make sure you hear them, the baboons that give their alarm signals when a leopard is nearby or the undeniable roar of the lion, each sound is unique.

9. Learn a few words of the local language and use them when appropriate: You will be surprised at how much joy it brings to the faces of the locals when you make a conscious effort to integrate even a little into their culture.

10. Expect your expectations to be exceeded: Despite being in a remote area a
world, we provide you with an extremely comfortable, safe and high quality safari experience. The hospitality of the locals, the wildlife, the sunrises and sunsets, the delicious food and the untouched nature will change you forever.

What to pack?

Comfort is key when packing for a safari, and understanding the nature of your trip will ensure you have everything you need. Below is a checklist of all the appropriate safari clothing, toiletries and general items we suggest you bring.

Clothing + accessories:

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