Everything you love in Barbados, or “where to relax in the fall?”

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I will briefly digress from the European theme and talk about where you can have a great rest in the fall. It will be about Barbados.

About what is Barbados and how good and beautiful it is, I won’t expand too much now. If you don’t already know this, then here’s a video on this topic:

It is generally accepted that season in barbados begins with winter, and this is, in principle, really true. The season kicks off in December, and prices immediately skyrocket, and a lot of people are found on the beaches. From December to April, you can’t breathe here, although here at this time it’s not the cheapest place. Well, you don’t need to go there in winter and spring! After all, there is one small loophole! A loophole between the rainy season and the tourist season.

Rain season on the island of Barbados lasts from June to October. And from October to December, although it is humid here, it is already good. And the sun shines in full force. This humidity is not a hindrance – after all, it is windy here, and stuffiness about this never happens. But the water is much cleaner than in winter and spring. And everything is much cheaper, since even the most pretentious hotels provide not weak discounts at this time …

But it’s even better in this case not to live in hotels at all, but to rent a small house. This will greatly expand your horizons. And – will provide the proper level of privacy. If you do not really like to live too secluded, and prefer hotels, then here is a hotel for you. Of course, the same legendary Sandy Laneone of the first (and still one of the best) resorts in Barbados.

This hotel was opened back in the 60s of the last century by a man who was an adviser to Winston Churchill himself. It is clear that the English Queen, and Maria Callas, and Aristotle Onassis and other representatives of the world establishment were here on this occasion. And although it was a long time ago, do not worry that this hotel is already too old. Not so long ago, he underwent a renovation at a cost of 300 million dollars, so everything here is now at the highest level and in excellent condition. Forged fences, carved pediments, statues in antique style, luxurious pilasters. The hotel is located on one of the best beaches in Barbados and even, probably, Caribbean. The rooms are the perfection of comfort and tranquility. It seems as if cleanliness and respectability just penetrates inside you. Antique furniture, vintage vases…

Sandy Lane

Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados

We must add to all this that there is a super spa, tennis courts, an excellent golf course and restaurants. In general, this is a whole complex, large, pleasant and expensive.

If you are not a fan of large hotels, then I advise you to consider a hotel as an alternative to Sandy Lane The House. It is distinguished by intimacy, infinitely helpful service and elegant design, which, however, does not in the least conflict with the degree of comfort that allows you to forget about troubles and anxieties for a long time when you get here. And the beaches in Paynes Bay, where the hotel is located, are also very good.

The House Hotel

The House Hotel

From restaurants in Barbados should be mentioned first L’acajou, which is part of the Sandy Lane complex. It’s mostly French cuisine. Also a very good restaurant. The Cliff. It is located on a rock-cliff, and very picturesque views open from there. There is a very romantic atmosphere here – live torches, coral candelabra and the Caribbean Sea rippling below … I recommend you order grilled snapper here, as well as flying fish sushi. You will be satisfied, I “guarantee” this to you, as it is now fashionable to write on the Internet …

The House Hotel

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