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In response to the request of dear Eva (who decided to take advantage of my consulting offer and wrote about me in her LiveJournal), I will tell you about winter, “ski” spa hotels. Moreover, this topic is now truly relevant. Especially for those diverse families in which some love skiing, while others simply hate skiing and other winter sports (or, at least, are indifferent to them). Familiar situation, right? And so, to avoid conflicts, there is a very pleasant compromise solution. I call these hotels “ski spa hotels”, although it may be more correct to call them simply universal places for a real winter holiday. So here’s my little review.

1. Riffelalp Resort 2222 m

The first place to be mentioned in this context is a Swiss hotel. Riffelalp Resort 2222 m. Southern Switzerland, near the Italian border, the village of Zermatt. This is a place where everything is magically close to the real ideal for those who love skiing. Brilliant rooms and suites, wonderful mountain scenery, snow, snow, snow. And the crown of all this is the unforgettable steam over the outdoor pool, the water in which is heated to a temperature of +35 degrees (Celsius). Where else will you have a chance to lie in the pool, guessing through the clubs of warm steam the snow-covered edges of the legendary Matterhorn? After a day of walking and descents on the surrounding slopes, a whole rainbow of various baths and warming treatments awaits you at the local health center, which will allow your muscles to feel back on top, and you to fully feel that life, no matter how you say it, is beautiful!

Riffelalp Resort 2222 m, outdoor pool

2 Cheval Blanc

The second place I can happily recommend is a wonderful boutique hotel in Courchevel Cheval Blanc. Eva, I think this well-known, but also the most comfortable hotel meets your request one hundred percent.

Cheval Blanc

Firstly, it is impeccably elegant, secondly, this is a place with history, and thirdly, it has the desired spa. In which, while your husband is practicing skiing, you will be groomed and cherished like a true treasure. The Givenchi Spa, with its snowy and gentle treatments, needs no further recommendation from me, except to say that in 2008 it was voted the best hotel spa in Europe. You see? In addition to exclusive spa sacraments, here you will be offered beauty services, fitness, and even a stunning haircut by John Nole. And the husband, in turn, will also be absolutely happy, as the hotel is located directly at the foot of an excellent snow slope, in the heart of the most famous ski resort in the world. Right between Jardin Alpin and Trois Vallees.

3. Madeline

The next place is a hotel Madeline in Ischgl, Austria, Tyrolean Alps. The same blessed Silvretta, the dream of all those who love skiing, but have not yet been there. And a magnet for those who come here year after year. And also returnees, believe me, a great many. And I, by the way, am also one of them. But to business! Madeleine is great. For those who want to get the two in one we are discussing, this is what you need.

madlein Austria, Ischgl

Pleasant interiors that combine zen simplicity and ingenious purity, in the literal sense – transparency, the very transparency of the glass walls that separate the pool and spa from the snow-covered street here. By the way, there is also a street option to swim. Of course, with hot water… Massages, baths, saunas, all this is, of course. In general, I will not expand on this hotel in detail, they have a website in Russian, you can read everything there …

4. Therme Vals

And finally, I would like to mention one more Swiss hotel. The review without it would have looked, it seems to me, a little poor and rustic … Hotel Therme Vals, in the village of Wells. This somewhat futuristic design hotel specializes in various types of hydrotherapy. Many of the local pools after ski practices are simply irreplaceable in fact. There is a hot fiery pool, and a scalding ice pool (a la an ice hole), indoor and outdoor reservoirs, and an exquisitely fragrant flower pool … And this is not like in Yershov’s fairy tale “The Little Humpbacked Horse” “?), but it really helps and works. Well, all kinds of massage options, too, will undoubtedly not disappoint you and will certainly improve your health.

therme vals, Switzerland

In short, Eva. Hope I answered your question!

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