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If you ask me what the best restaurant in germanythen I will answer you with all the responsibility inherent in me: of course, the Schwarzwaldstube in the town Baiersbronn. However, I admit that you may have a different opinion on this matter: gastronomy is a subjective matter. So I’ll add: it’s my taste.

Of course, the local cuisine is not German at all, but high French with creative German and Asian influences. The chef who came up with the whole story, Harald Wohlfahrt, received special thanks from the Michelin guide for his deeds and 3 stars to boot.

Harald Wolfart, the world should know its heroes by sight

Imagine a small room, a living room. High ceilings, upholstered wooden furniture, cast-iron chandeliers, watercolors everywhere on the walls, flowers in vases. Silence, calmness, lightness. And now they bring you the main specialty. Divinely orange langoustines plus coriander-encrusted scallops. And now, having emptied the crystal plate to the bottom, you, with regret about the lost happiness, immediately begin to dream about how delicious it was and how to come here again as soon as possible … But you don’t have time to really immerse yourself in this nostalgic sadness, because … you have already been served Seafood with avocado and Thai-style asparagus. That’s an excellent combination, nothing more …

Other than that, I highly recommend trying the Mullus barbatus signature fish (aka red mulletshe is sultan) with mustard sprouts, olives and tomatoes. Pine nuts, with which the fillet is generously sprinkled, give the fish a subtle snowy-coniferous note. Real gourmet art.

small fish

After all these impressions, I went upstairs to rest. There was already a room waiting for me (the Schwarzwaldstube restaurant is combined with the Traube Tonbach hotel), which I had booked in advance. I went out onto the veranda and breathed in the fragrant freshness of the forest air for a long time … And the next day I had to go through another culinary experience.

Schwarzwaldstube restaurant

Basically, Baiersbronn so they call it: culinary capital of germany. And for good reason. After all, here, in addition to Schwarzwaldstube, there are several more gastronomic restaurants. For example, the one at the hotel bareis (this, I note, is the best hotel in the city, and you should stay in it). In general, this hotel has three restaurants. You need, of course, one that has the same name as the hotel. Bareis. (The other two are also okay, but nothing particularly outstanding either.) This restaurant also has 3 Michelin stars and many more titles and awards, the main culprit of which, of course, should be recognized as a magician chef Klaus-Peter Lumpp. The interiors are decorated in the style of the era of Louis XV, and this is not surprising, because the main strong point of this place is the French classics. I ate juniper berry lamb (Gebratener Lammrücken von der Älbler Wacholderheide) and it was amazing.

Another advantage of Bareis is a huge wine list (more than 1000 items!). I didn’t even go into it too much, but just called the sommelier Jurgen (a great guy, very funny), who gave me the necessary recommendation.


And as soon as you are in Baiersbronn, go also to Schlossberg, the restaurant at the Sackmann Hotel, where Jörg Sackmann conjures tirelessly. I ate a tasting lunch with him, as a result of which I realized: next time I will take a wing of a sea stingray in mint oil (Mit Minzöl poelierter Rochenflügel).

Germany. Baiersbronn. Summary

Where to stay: Bareis – score 5.
Traube Tonbach – rating 3.
Where there is: Schwarzwaldstube – rating 5.
Bareis – score 4
Schlossberg – score 4.

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