Dine in the air, high above Paris? Dinner in the Sky!

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I have absolutely no time to write now in detail about what is happening to me and where I am. Therefore, I will be brief. I had to make a short trip to Paris, and today I was subjected to an exceptional attraction here! I dined in the air!

The topic is called Dinner in the Sky.

Imagine the following: you sit down with friends and colleagues at a beautifully set table, and then this table soars into the sky (with the help of a special crane). You soar above Paris, not so high that you can not see anything (on the contrary, you see the most beautiful Parisian views from all sides), but enough to take your breath away and your appetite wakes up completely aviation. It costs about 1000 euros (one hundred of which go to charity).

We were raised, for example, over the Tuileries Gardens. And it was unforgettable.

Tuileries gardens

I recommend everyone to try!

Tomorrow I will be in Brussels. In one of my favorite European cities. He, probably, can claim the title of the most beautiful capital in Europe. And I will certainly dedicate a separate review to it in the near future …

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