Dear America. Simplification of the visa regime and the rating of American boutique hotels

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Today comes into force a historic agreement between Russia and the United States on visa facilitation between our countries. Now Russians who wish to visit the US, as well as Americans who are going to visit the Russian Federation (for business or tourism purposes!), Will be able to obtain multiple entry visas valid for 3 years.

Many other simplifications are also introduced in the procedure for obtaining visas. US fee for obtaining tourist and business visas from 100 to 20 dollars. (At the same time, the consular fee of $160 will remain.)

Now there will be no need to provide an official invitation. However, you can read all the details on other sites. For example, right here. And today, anticipating a serious increase in interest in traveling to the USA in the light of such good news, I will begin with a vengeance to acquaint my readers with the most pleasant and comfortable places, hotels and restaurants in the States.

I think that the result of this series of posts may well become a kind of author’s rating of the best American hotels. Starting today, I will be posting brief information about the hotels that deserve the highest ratings. One for each post. Just a few words and a few photos.

The selection criteria are the most subjective. These will be the most attractive hotels and resorts in the United States, which I hope to find time to write more careful and intent reviews of someday. At the same time, the hotel should be small, located in a quiet and beautiful area. Of course, I also take into account such parameters as the level of comfort and coziness, design, content (grooming, neatness), politeness and friendliness of the staff. Exterior (appearance and well-groomed territory of the hotel). And, of course, general impressions.

I will try to include in my rating only the very best American boutique hotels. The ones where you truly relax both in body and soul. And not just good and luxurious.

Let’s take a look at the first hotel right now. It will be:

Blantyre Hotel, Lenox, Massachusetts

Hidden among the Berkshire Hills is an aristocratic, superbly preserved and impressively well-kept Tudor mansion.

Around – a park of 50 hectares, as well as warm pools, tennis courts and croquet lawns worthy of royalty.

Slightly pretentious interiors – carved family furniture, exquisite curtains, lace tablecloths and quilted bedspreads. A variety of works of art adorn the thoughtfully furnished rooms, the sober dining room and the conservatory where guests are served breakfast. There are 25 guest rooms in total. Some of them are on the second floor of the mansion, others are in a summer house and separate cottages located in the surrounding forest. The staff is helpful and kind in a rustic way.

Let’s walk a little through these rooms, let’s start with the cottages:

Here, for example, are the bedrooms in The Ice House Cottage:

Here is the living room in The Old Bath House:

And here is the living room in the absolutely delightful Riverview Cottage, which got its name from the walls decorated with artistic views of the river:

And here is my favorite room in the main house, the crimson one:

For those who like a little simpler and quieter – Paterson Suite:

And here is a very tender, I would say – women’s – room. It’s called Toile Room:

And this one especially, Laurel_Suite:

And a few more photos especially for the ladies:

And men may like the following aspects:


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