City of Zadar: where to stay and what to see in 1 day

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The city of Zadar was supposed to be the final destination of our 8 day trip to Croatiabut we had to reschedule our visit Plitvice Lakes on the last day, thereby reducing the time spent in Zadar. Thus, the beaches were canceled, but there was still time for sightseeing.

Below is what you can do see in Zadar in 1 day.

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Where to stay in Zadar

Since we had limited time in Zadar, we did not consider options outside the city center. We settled on the Zadar Luxury Rooms apartments, which occupy part of the floor in a residential building. I can’t say, of course, that the apartments were luxury, but very comfortable and freshly renovated. Therefore, I can recommend this option.

I talk about how I look for travel accommodation in a separate article.

What to see in Zadar. sights

Zadar fades in the background Split and Dubrovnik. There are no super outstanding attractions, but in general the city seemed clean, green and pleasant to us, and we enjoyed spending half a day there.

All interesting places are located here in this square:

You can start your acquaintance with the city from the square, where Church of St. Mary, Bell tower, Church of St. Elijah, Church of St. Donat and Cathedral of St. Anastasia.

Literally a couple of meters from this square you will find Church of St. Chrysogon.

City of Zadar what to see
City of Zadar what to see

All these buildings, with the exception of the church of St. Elijah the Prophet, date back to the 9th-12th centuries. Between them you can observe archaeological excavations.

City of Zadar what to see

Next, you can go to sea ​​promenade and stroll through the beauty sea ​​organ – there are holes in the embankment slabs that let in the sounds of water splashing under the slabs. Sometimes these sounds merge into melodies. Hence the name.

On the same stretch of waterfront illumination turns on at nightsome fragments of which tell about the solar system.

We go around the rectangle on the other side and go past moored boats and yachts before Park Perivoj Vladimira Nazora. We walk along it (it’s nice there).

City of Zadar what to see
City of Zadar what to see

We go down to mainland gate 16th century buildings, Five Wells Square and Captain’s towers.

City of Zadar what to see
City of Zadar what to see

From there we again find ourselves in the Old City. The route can end at People’s Square.

This is how it looks on the map:

City of Zadar what to see

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City of Zadar what to see

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