Carneros Heritage Festival. California Wine Festival. Opening May 30th!

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American wines cannot be considered works of art. It is a fact. But wines from California’s Carneros region are very good. In Carneros, favorable climatic and geological parameters converged, allowing us to speak of a beautiful terroir. It’s hot in California in the summer, but in Carneros, ocean breezes keep the temperature just right, resulting in wines that tend to taste like Burgundian Pinot and Chardonnay.

Grapes have been grown here since the 19th century, and some time ago they established the Carneros Heritage Festival (Carneros Heritage Festival). Annual. This year, on May 29, the fourth such festival will begin. I will definitely go to it, because this is my job. But I believe that it will be interesting and pleasant to visit all fans of good wine.

Carneros Heritage Festival

Carneros Heritage Festival

In addition to wine itself, it will be possible to eat there (usually they make barbecue from lamb) and purchase the necessary wine accessories from local artesanos … And, interestingly, unlike other wine festivals, this one is arranged in such a way that it can be called an event for the whole families. While moms and dads are tasting the best examples of winemaking art, their children can have fun kiting or exploring a specially designed hay maze for the occasion.

But in conclusion, I must say that not only excellent wine is made in Carneros. It may well happen that a wine marked as premium and even ultra-premium turns out to be completely tasteless or just ordinary. It happens. It all depends on the specific manufacturers. Who exactly will be presenting their products at the festival this time, I do not know yet, so before making a final decision, make inquiries. I, in turn, will try to keep you informed, and if I find out something in advance, I will write.

Carneros Heritage Festival.  Tasting of Californian wines from Carneros.

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