Budapest in 2 days: how to get there, where to stay, what to see and what to try

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I wanted to visit Budapest for a long time, but all my legs did not reach. It seems to be interesting, but not to say that it is very direct. And then Wizz Air launched direct flights from St. Petersburg, and here it was a sin not to fly 🙂

So, I’m talking about how to spend a weekend in the capital of Hungary.

If you want to order a comprehensive planning of your trip to Hungary or, on the contrary, learn how to organize your trips on your own, then you are here 🙂

Visa to visit Budapest

Hungary is one of the countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement, so to visit it, it is enough to have Schengen visa.

Detailed article on obtaining a Schengen visa here.

Currency of Hungary

Currency of Hungary – forint. At the time of this writing, 1 ruble could buy 4 Hungarian forints (at least someone’s currency is cheaper than the ruble!).

You can pay both in cash in local currency and by cards. Problems such as, for example, In Cyprus, in Budapest we did not experience.

How to get to Budapest

Perhaps the most economical way is to use Wizz Air direct flights. We flew in January (not on holidays, but at the end of the month), the ticket was 9,000 rubles round trip.

If you are taking a ticket without luggage, please note that Only one bag is allowed on the plane, i.e. you cannot carry, for example, a handbag and a small suitcase.

About how I’m looking for cheap tickets, written here.

How get from Budapest airport to the city

The simplest and most convenient option, in my opinion – bus route 100E. It is inexpensive (around 150 rubles), the journey takes about 30 minutes, it arrives in the very center – on Deak Ference ter.

In general, I recommend.

Where is the best place to stay in Budapest

The cost of housing in Budapest will please you very much – compared to other European capitals, the prices for accommodation in Budapest are much more pleasant.

Personally, I recommend considering accommodation in district 6th is one of the most central districts of Budapest. It is within walking distance to all the main attractions, bar streets, shopping and, last but not least, the bus to the airport.

If you’re wondering how I’m looking for accommodation to travel, you can read this article.

How to get around in Budapest

My classic answer is on foot 🙂 But if you really need it, then feel free to go down to Metro – it is very simple, inexpensive, and, importantly, new and clean.

What to see in Budapest

If you, like me, like to walk and do not like to go to museums, then here is your route, with which you can see almost all the sights of Budapest in 1 day.

Paragraph 1

Starting with St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Point 2

Go up to chain bridge.

Point 3

Cross the Chain Bridge and climb up to Buda Castle from where you have a stunning view of pest, Parliament, Danube and Mount Gellert.

Item 4

Take photos and go to Fisherman’s Bastion and Matthias Church.

Item 5

Then you go down through the residential quarter, cross the bridge over the Danube, walk along the embankment and go out to the building Hungarian Parliament.

Item 6

Take the subway, go to baths Széchenyi.

Item 7

From the baths we walk to the center through the building Hungarian Opera.

Tired and happy, come home, unfasten your legs and fall asleep 🙂

What else

One attraction I want to separate (can be visited between points 2 and 3).

Shoes on the Danube – perhaps one of the most heart-rending monuments in the world.

It was to this place, located between the Chain Bridge and the building of the Hungarian Parliament, that the Hungarian Nazi Party brought Jews in 1945, forced them to take off their shoes, chained 50-60 people with one chain and shot them.

It was a damn effective way – they only shot at one person, and he dragged everyone else along with him; bodies fell into the water, which also made life easier for the Nazis; and the Nazis used the shoes left on the shore for their own purposes.

Such things need to be known and remembered in order to prevent their repetition.

What to try in Budapest

Below is a list of dishes without trying which you simply cannot leave Hungary 🙂 The list is far from complete – do not forget that we arrived only for two days. If we tried everything, we wouldn’t have time to do anything else 🙂


  • Naturally, the list opens goulash We even ate it at the bar 🙂
  • Paprikash – chicken with paprika,
  • Libamay – goose liver a la French foie gras,
  • Any duck dish.

And if you want to taste delicious desserts, and even in a chic setting, then look into cafe new york (yes, it’s not called Hungarian at all). The service is bad, the prices are high, but the desserts are good, and everything can be forgiven for the atmosphere.

If the soul asks barsthen you straight to Kiraly street.

What is it, Budapest?

To be honest, Budapest left a very double impression. All the time that I was there (okay, okay, 2 days that I was there) I still could not understand where I was – in Europe or not?

You look to the right – Europe, you turn your head to the left – Tips. You look at people – definitely, rather “ours” than Europeans.

Everywhere are reminders of the genocide, at the same time there are many bars. Everything seems to be beautiful, cheerful, provocative, but as if something is oppressing.

I do not want to dissuade you from going to Hungary. Maybe it’s just that I’m so impressionable 🙂 Strange, unusual, as if undecided city, which is definitely worth a visit.

PS And how to spend the second day in Budapest, you ask? And on the second day we boarded the train and rushed to Bratislava 😉

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