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The stylish sign “Rodniki Boutique Hotel” is almost invisible from the road, which, in my opinion, is already important. A secret place to be found by those who are lucky or those who know.
To enter, you need to call the guard. If you are not on the lists, you are unlikely to be missed.

This place is also secret because from the moment you enter the territory, you plunge into the silence of the forest and springs, and it seems that there is no one here except you. And this is the biggest secret: yours (because no one will find you here) and the Rodniki hotel – 6 premium-class cottages are located in such a way that, despite the fact that you know for sure that there are neighbors (by the way, at the same time on the territory complex can accommodate no more than 50 guests), they seem to be absent. Whether this is a successful plan of the architects, or just the magic of the place.

The history of the Rodniki boutique hotel began several years ago, when the owners decided to create a convenient, close and excellently organized vacation spot in the Moscow region especially for those who value time and the quality of their life. They were guided by the goal of providing all the conditions for a good rest, not dependent on visas, long fees and tiring flights. The idea was 100% successful. Thanks to the thoughtful, attentive care and refined, sensitive service at Rodniki, it is really possible to disconnect from everyday worries and be alone with yourself or with your loved ones, even if you have only two days off for it.

I reconnoitred “Springs” in the winter, returning from Gremyachiy Klyuch. As an information sponsor of the Russian Hospitality Awards, I knew that the hotel participated in several categories in 2019 at once: the best country hotel and the best design hotel.

And I wanted to time my visit here to a special occasion, because a weekend in this place is a very valuable gift. And I ended up here on my birthday, with the closest people, with my family. And so we were waiting for a family room. Each cottage, by the way, consists of two spacious rooms with separate entrances: “Personal” – a one-story room with one bedroom and “Family” – a two-story room with two bedrooms. But if I decided to invite guests, then the rooms could be combined, and then up to ten people could comfortably accommodate in the cottage. By the way, guests can come and just visit during your holiday.

The uniqueness of the Rodniki boutique hotel lies in the highest quality of the rooms. Each room has a fireplace with live fire and comfortable Italian furniture, a spacious dressing room and a private terrace overlooking the forest, a kitchen with a coffee and tea station, a mini-bar, a shower and a bathroom.

The rooms are so comfortable, and every little thing is thought out, that you don’t even want to leave them. Moreover, food from the restaurant can be ordered to the room. You can sit by the fireplace or do yoga on the terrace. You can meditate on the balcony – this is a special pleasure that captures you completely. You contemplate the forest, listen to the sound of springs running through the territory – and a feeling of peace and tranquility spreads inside.

And if you’re lucky, Kuzya will definitely visit your terrace – a huge, fluffy red cat, who is jokingly called the “administrator”. Courageous and charismatic, he was even seen in an unequal fight with a fox, from which, by the way, he emerged victorious. Kuzya likes to personally go around his property, checking whether everything is in order and begging for refreshments from the guests. He is perhaps the only member of the team who will come to you without an invitation – sensitive staff does not disturb guests without their desire.

What can you do in “Rodniki” besides “doing nothing”?

– Go to Gremyachiy Klyuch or the city of Alexandrov, which are about half an hour away or Sergiev Posad (about an hour) – the hotel team can organize a trip there, taking into account the interests of guests, including a helicopter ride.

– Take a steam bath – the hotel’s sauna complex includes a Finnish sauna and a Japanese furako bath. You can also use not only the services of a steamer, but also a beautician and masseur – a special room is provided for this. It is pleasant to drink tea in the sauna house, soak up the silence of the forest and cool off after soaring on a special terrace surrounded by fluffy pines.

– Pamper yourself with spa treatments designed by the professionals of the spa care program. By the way, individual spa services can be ordered directly to the room. To achieve the greatest effect, Rodniki combines elite professional care products and natural ingredients: honey, herbs, therapeutic mud, aroma oils. Care programs are compiled personally for each guest, taking into account the wishes, the state of the body and the expected results. If you wish, you can go through both an express detox and an anti-age program.

– Arrange a picnic in the open air – a special area has been organized for this, where the restaurant staff can prepare grilled dishes for guests.

– Swim in the outdoor heated pool or play beach volleyball or work out in the fitness room.

– Dine in an atmospheric gastronomic restaurant that pleasantly surprises with a rich menu and wine list. Here everything is prepared from the freshest products and using spring water, and the kitchen receives monastic dairy products, fresh meat, high-altitude Altai honey, real Chinese teas. And the wine collection harmoniously complements the menu and emphasizes the individuality of the dishes, which are created by chefs with love and great mood.

– And the Rodniki boutique hotel is also an ideal venue for weddings: a green lawn for off-site registration, a restaurant with a view of the fountains, a spa bachelorette party, photo shoots in the chic interiors of the hotel, a suite for newlyweds as a gift when guests are accommodated on site , as well as many additional gifts that are valid for a year after the wedding.

– For lovers of reading in an armchair by the fireplace, a small but tastefully selected library is provided, in which my book now lives, left in gratitude for a wonderful birthday present.

I don’t know about other guests after visiting, but after visiting Rodniki, real springs of joy, harmony and peace began to spring in my inner space.

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