Boat trip along Avacha Bay: what you will see and what you will try in 12 hours

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Perhaps one of the most popular excursions in Kamchatka is boat trip along Avacha Bay. The duration of such sea trips can be different, therefore, what you can visit during such an excursion also varies.

Below I will talk about 12 hour boat tripwhich we completed in September 2018.

I must say that we were damn lucky with the weather, so the impressions of the tour were the most vivid and positive.

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Organizational moments

The tour starts around 7 am. The starting point is located on the pier in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The pleasure boat team consists of several people, including a cook who will cook the fish you caught while fishing. But more on that later.

Clothes and what to bring

Very (I emphasize, very) warm jackets are an obligatory attribute of such a trip. Even if you visit Kamchatka in the warm season and take a walk in sunny weather, you should definitely have a warm jacket with you (preferably with a hood), a hat, a scarf and gloves – do not forget, you are going to the ocean and will be blown by all the winds.

I also recommend go for a walk in comfortable, non-slip shoes – most likely, you will spend more time on a slippery deck wetted with sea water.

And don’t forget about pills for motion sickness – it is better to take them in advance, and not when it has already begun to stir up.

Avacha Bay

A few words about the bay itself. Avacha Bay is located on the eastern coast of Kamchatka and is one of the largest bays – the entire merchant fleet of the world can be placed in its water area.

The shores are mostly rocky, which gives the scenery an unrealistically beautiful view. At the same time, the waters of the bay are relatively calm, because it is reliably protected from the “outside world” by a kind of gate.

Rock “Devil’s Finger”

Rock “Devil’s finger” – and in a scientific way “Devil’s finger” kekkur – is one of the first sights that you will see during a boat trip.

Such pillar-shaped rocks of natural origin had a sacred meaning in Russia and were associated with legends about the arrows of Perun (allegedly these rocks are the petrified arrows of the god of thunder and lightning).

Three brothers

Further you will find a much more famous Kamchatka view – view of the rocks (sorry, kekkur) Three brothers.

According to legend, three brothers lived in this place, who protected the shores from the sea. One day, the brothers stood up to meet a huge wave to protect their settlement. Protect defended, but they themselves turned into stones.

View of the Vilyuchinsky volcano

And here is a view of the Vilyuchinsky volcano from the water. With good visibility, you will also see Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes.

Fishing in Tikhaya Bay

And then you will find what many people go to Kamchatka for – fishing awaits you 🙂 It takes on a special meaning, then you understand that you will dine with what you yourself catch, no more, no less 😉

But not only fish is waiting for you, you can also catch real king crabs! And then eat them 🙂 Nothing fresh can be.

Starichkov Island

And then you will be deafened by the chirping of birds! All because you will approach the island of Starichkov, guarded on both sides by kekkur – Karaulny and Sentry.

Starichkov Island is a unique ecosystem in which a huge number of bird species nest.

Cape Kekkurny and sea lion rookery

If before that everything was very cool, then then you will just open your mouths in amazement 🙂 And all because right in front of you will be real rookery of sea lions!

You will be able to watch how these large sea animals behave in the wild – they talk, swear, bask in the sun, throw each other into the water. These are completely indescribable emotions.

Russian bay

The final point of your route will be Russkaya Bay, where the Ryleev and Uda ships, rusted from old age and uselessness, have found their last refuge.

Previously, there was a rather busy village here, ships were loaded and unloaded. The place was very active during World War II.

Well, now everything looks something like this.

Shy seals

At the exit from the bay, you will meet other marine animals – seals. Unfortunately, they are much more shy than sea lions, so they will not let you close to them.

Some are still lucky to see whales and killer whales, but this was not our case.

The road back

After such a busy day, everyone was exhausted and seasick, so our ship slept all the way back (fortunately, except for the crew).

Woke up just to throw a coin at the Wishing Stone 😉


You will return back at sunset, so the bay with the surrounding beauties will turn into different colors and take on a completely different look.

If you ask me if this walk is worth that kind of money, I will answer that yes, it is definitely worth it 🙂

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