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Some Ivan recently left a comment on my review of a retreat in Honduras. Pointed out that this is not a retreat (retreat), but hideway (hide away), correctly noticing the difference between them: a retreat is usually associated with sensations of an esoteric and even, if you like, sacred nature. Indeed, retreats are places for meditation and solitary contemplation. But that’s exactly what it is lodge Hacienda San Lucas, which I wrote about at the time. The Mayan spirit, hovering everywhere and everywhere, does not allow the use of an escapist word here hide away.

However, in fact, for me, all these subtleties are not as important as they are for professional workers in the hotel industry. Although since we are talking about this, I will note: concepts retreat and hideway – for me personally – they are rarely separated. If I rest, then, as a rule, not only with my body, but also with my soul. If I am hiding from the world, then, of course, with goals close to esoteric … Here we are talking about some kind of spiritual predisposition and need. But since, dear Ivan and my other readers, for that matter, here you are hideaway-fast.

In my opinion, the most typical hideaways are presented in their multitude on Maldives. The Maldives has recently somehow become not quite fashionable, but this does not detract from their merits. For example, it must be admitted that the isolation from the world on some of these islands is easy to feel. I love staying in hotels six sensesthere are two of them in the Maldives: Soneva Fushi and Soneva Gili.

Soneva gili hotel in Maldives

V Soneva Gili there are wooden residences standing right on the water, on stilts – with thatched roofs that cast a light shadow on the dazzling blue water. I remember my first impression when I first came to this island (it’s called Lankanfushi). At that time, I had never seen the water so blue and transparent, and the sand so white. That is, I saw it, of course, but only in photographs, and I was sure that it was a photoshop … So when I saw with my own eyes that this was reality, I was downright, pardon the expression, stunned.

Vila Deck12_M, Soneva Gili Hotel, Maldives

The residences are called Crusoe (in honor of Robinson, presumably). To get to such a residence, you need to go along a long wooden pier-bridge – or sail from the shore on a special Maldivian boat called “doni”. The villas themselves are the clearest example of how uncompromising luxury housing can be built from natural, environmentally friendly materials.

And, of course, it is necessary to note the local spa. After all six senses it is first and foremost a spa brand. Incredible treatments. (By the way, the word retreat, like treatments, comes from the word treat, so maybe this is a retreat after all?). And there is also an excellent restaurant – Mediterranean cuisine with Asian elements.

The resort is even more isolated from the rest of the world Soneva Fushi.

Far, far away, on the island of Kunfunadu, in the northern Baa Atoll. The complete feeling of a deserted lost island, where bungalows of the highest level of comfort are hidden in tropical thickets. Stylish interiors, very authentic and special (like tables made of bamboo and palm leaves). Each villa has its own garden and access to the ocean.

The Soneva fushi hotel, which can be called both a retreat and a hideaway in equal measure

The cuisine here is mainly Indian, it uses a lot of vegetables grown here on the island … Well, the spa should also be noted. If you book one of the so-called spa suites, you will receive two signature Soneva treatments for each day as a gift. In short, a complete hydeway! Or a retreat, I’m completely confused …

But seriously, a highway, in my opinion, can be anything – from an island lost in the ocean to the Ararat Hyatt hotel in Moscow. Here, after all, it all depends on the degree of privacy that the hotel provides. But not a single Moscow hotel, for example, can be called a retreat. But what’s in it for us?

Maldives. Summary.

Where to go: Soneva Gili – rating 5.
Soneva Fushi – rating 4.

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