Belgium: how I bathed in milk

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I want to express special gratitude for the help to the manager Brussels hotel Hotel amigo (The Rocco Forte Collection). Out of fatigue, I left my laptop at the reception without any identification marks, and an hour later I got it back. In principle, a normal thing, but still such care is pleasant.

The hotel, by the way, deserves all kinds of recommendations, as it turned out. I usually stay in a great boutique hotel Stanhopebut this time everything was conducive to the experiment, and it was a success.

First, the advantage of the hotel Hotel amigo in that it is located in the historical part Brussels. In the one in which I have long and categorically in love.

And, secondly, as I have already noted, the staff here is very responsive and helpful.

I live in the Armand Blaton suite, at the very top. Now I went out onto the terrace, I sit and enjoy the view that opens from here is simply excellent. You can see almost all the most beautiful things in the city. However, Brussels this is a city where there is practically no ugly. Concentrated Europe in all its splendor and charm!

the Armand Blaton suite and its terrace

In an hour I’ll go down to Bocconi, the restaurant where the Italian Vincezo Regine conjures, and eat something like that. In the meantime, I’ll tell you one episode that happened to me the other day on the way to Brussels. I was driving the day before yesterday from France and decided to stop to rest and spend the night in a hotel Le Moulin Hideuxnear the French-Belgian border, in the countryside of the Semois valley.

neighborhood Le Moulin Hideux

Buildings of the 17th century, ideal European nature (especially now, when the leaf fall is just beginning, the surroundings are very beautiful, very). The place is wonderful, The Relais & Châteaux, I recommend with all my heart. But it’s not that!

Le Moulin Hideux

Approaching the hotel, I stopped for a bite to eat in a small village. At a farmhouse restaurant. The owner looked very preoccupied and upset, and at the same time he was somehow desperately cheerful. When I asked if something had happened, he replied that he was going to pour out the milk. At first I did not really understand what was being said, and then the farmer, without further explanation, handed me the local morning newspaper.

On the front page it was reported that today, at five o’clock in the evening, a protest action begins. All farmers must take their tanks to the fields and pour milk on the ground. Thus, I understand that they are opposed to lowering the purchase price of milk… The owner commented, “I am very sorry. Everyone just doesn’t care about us, we just have no way out to show these brutes that we exist. By God, they are worse than cows!” I asked him if it was possible for him not to participate in the promotion and not spill the precious product. He said to this: “There is nothing to be done. We must show solidarity.” Then I asked him if he could allocate 100 liters for me? He replied that he was happy to sell me the required milk at the minimum price.

In general, that evening, my friends, having arrived at Le Moulin Hideux, I asked that the tanker that arrived with me be used strictly for its intended purpose. Namely, they would fill my bath with milk. Of course, otherwise I would hardly have gone for it. I like drinking milk more than bathing in it (although it turned out to be very pleasant and also very useful). But there really were no options. So at least the product didn’t go to waste. See you!

Le Moulin Hideux

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