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How I was treated in Hua Hin

Anyone who knows me knows that shit happens to me all the time. So being in Tae, I had to go to the hospital. I can’t resist sharing Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin experience.

Firstly, inside the hospital looks like a 5 * hotel.

Secondly, first I filled out the registration card, I was photographed and immediately issued a plastic patient card. Then they took me to another place where they measured temperature, pressure, weight and height, after which on Saturday at 7 pm I found myself at the reception of a doctor of science who speaks English. She said to take the test, which I immediately passed, and come to the appointment in 3 days. Then I was taken to the counter where I had to pay. Before paying, I asked the cashier about how I could get a prescription from the doctor with the name of the drugs, because she didn’t give me anything. In response, I heard that I would now receive both a prescription and medicines, and that all this was included in the price. After 2 minutes, I received two packets of pills, on which stickers were pasted with my data and instructions for use.. All this was put in such a paper bag, as in an expensive store.


3 days later I came back for a follow up appointment. I was greeted, asked to show the card and wait a bit. After 5 minutes, a nurse approached me and asked me to retake the test, which I immediately did. By the way, different employees always approached me. I understand that they recognized all the patients from the photographs that they took at the first appointment.. You don’t have to stand in any queues. After 15 minutes I was invited to the doctor. The doctor turned the monitor towards me, showed me the results of the first and repeated tests and explained what was happening.

When I asked if I could take a few more tests, just for the examination, she said that the results would be ready only after 10 days. I replied that, unfortunately, I was leaving in a week. To which the doctor replied: “It’s okay, I can send them to you by e-mail. I can also send a transcript by e-mail and prescribe treatment, if necessary.” Shock.

For both appointments, 2 tests, antibiotics and painkillers, I paid about 2,000 rubles, including taxes.

So, guys, our hospitals were not even close to Thai ones. And it scares me that hospitals in Tae are better than in Russia.

I throw a link to Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin.

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