Ayurveda and Yoga on vacation: a holistic experience not to be missed

When you think of Yoga or Ayurveda, the thought usually takes you to India. Ayurveda, thousands of years old, literally means “science of life” and is highly respected. Ayurvedic doctors treat their patients with the dedication they have learned from thousands of years of tradition.

It is worth choosing, without a doubt, a vacation where you can enjoy all the benefits brought by Ayurvedic treatments and yoga. An option at hand, without going far, is right in Bulgaria where you can find it Ayurveda & Panchakarma SPA packages , with renowned doctors directly from India. Choose such a package and you will learn to live consciously, at the same time bringing yourself in harmony with yourself and nature.

The traditional resorts, such as those in Himalaya offers authentic Ayurvedic treatments with a wide variety of programs, these being adapted to the individual needs of the guests. Let yourself be carried away by this authentic experience and discover the fantastic holistic way of life.

But, you can benefit from various spa treatments in rural areas as well Tuscany, an offer that will allow you to experience both unique gastronomic experiences, as well as wellness and spa procedures, inspired by the beautiful nature around. Or maybe you want to experience a zen state, which you will acquire after the classes Yoga carried out in the middle of nature.

What can you expect from traditional Ayurvedic treatments?

If you want to have an exotic experience, opt for packages that offer accommodation in The Faroe Islands of the Maldives, where a wide range of programs with luxury Ayurvedic treatments, both healing and wellness, is offered. Here, you will become much more aware from a social and ecological point of view and you will connect with nature and the surrounding space.

Or you can choose a really special location from Madagascar, where you will experience ultimate luxury and numerous exclusive activities on a luxury private island. Here you will benefit from different spa treatments and private Yoga classes.

Every Ayurvedic treatment begins with an initial consultation. Here, traditionally trained Ayurvedic therapists create an individual Ayurvedic therapy plan, adapted to each person’s needs.

Ayurvedic treatments, such as Ayurvedic massages and other traditional treatments, are an integral part of any therapy. Relaxation programs such as Yoga, meditation and movement exercises are also incorporated into the therapy to support all Ayurvedic treatments. Many centers offer the opportunity to deepen your knowledge about Ayurveda or to learn about Ayurvedic cuisine through special courses and workshops.

If you go to the island of Hvar for a special wellness experience, you will have authenticity, seasonal treatments and western and eastern massage programs, fitness and mindfulness practices, but also a culinary experience and facilities based on the philosophy Mindful Luxury.

Sometimes all you need is to feel pampered! Why wait until a problem arises or the effects of stress are felt. Let the luxury centers and dedicated Ayurvedic therapists help you forget your troubles and keep you in shape! Take Yoga and meditation classes and make everything you knew about Ayurveda come true in the most authentic and natural way.

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