Autumn cleansing at Le Mirador Kempinski. Let’s break bad habits!

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published: 29 Oct 2011 | read: 4 475 people | AUTHOR – Ilya Dorokhov

Starting this fall, Le Mirador Kempinski Hotel Clinic (located on Lake Geneva, surrounded by Lavaux vineyards, a UNESCO protected area) offers new and never-before-seen wellness programs developed by naturopath and nutritionist Aldo Urso. Among other things, we are talking about the programs “anti-stress”, “anti-cellulite” and “anti-tobacco”. These procedures are able to renew the body before the start of the new year. Such programs are designed for 6-12 days. Moreover, they involve several diagnostic tests, as a result of which an individual recovery method will be developed.

One of the pleasant components of the course will be mandatory body treatments at the Givenchy Spa – the only one in Switzerland. Exclusive treatments were developed by the Givenchy Parisian center, among the branded ones is The Canyon Love Stone Therapy, which balances energy flows, removes toxins from tissues and increases muscle tone. Special stones collected from the bottom of the rivers in the western United States are used in combination with Givenchy special oils and provide a very long-lasting therapeutic effect.

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