An artistic villa has opened on Providence Island (Caribbean)

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Island group Turks and Caicos, which is in the Caribbean, belongs to the UK. Such a relic of colonial times … The British gave the islands independence, but then it was somehow erased and forgotten. Now modern Pirates of the Caribbean are drawn here from all over the world – after all, here is an offshore tourist paradise. In particular, in this paradise, not the last place is occupied by a hotel on the island of Providence Amanyara – a secluded point for a beach holiday, where modern design villas and the extreme exaltation of the tropics are harmoniously combined …

Recently, a new villa was solemnly opened here. called The Artist’s Villa. Composer and producer Nile Rogers took part in the work on its arrangement. Don’t know who it is? I didn’t know either until I googled it, I tell you he’s known for working with Madonna, Dinah Ross, David Bowie, Duran Duran and Tori Amos. In general, an authoritative pepper. Here he is:

He, I was told, worked hard to make the villa truly artistic, namely telling the builders and architect Jean-Michel Gati how to arrange everything in the villa so that everything in the villa was competent in terms of acoustics and, in general, recording a hit or two. The result is an ultra-modern and comfortable recording studio. Adjacent to it is a special Writing Room, a room that, according to the creators of the villa, will provide optimal conditions for the guest to compose this hit without fail. The studio can also be used as a cinema or library. There is something to see there in terms of cinematography: The Artist’s Villa has a diverse collection of films that was personally selected by the actress Salma Hayek. And the Library was assembled by Vicente Todoli, director of London’s Tate Modern gallery. Normal, right? But the list of noble names who had a hand in the creation of the villa does not end there. Guests of The Artist’s Villa will be able to appreciate and be inspired by the collection of paintings by the famous Brazilian artist Vik Muniz.

As conceived by the creators, “every detail of the villa is designed to turn it into one of the best places on the planet for creativity.” There are several pavilions with large bedrooms and 24 hour service. And also – a large pool of black volcanic rock, bordered by an eighteen-meter sofa.

Artist's Villa Amanyara

This photo shows a piece of the villa and the same pool. And here are the fragments – the fat by the pool and the edge of this long sofa:

Artist's Villa

Artist's Villa

And, of course, there is a private beach here with a magnificent view of the Caribbean Sea, white coral sand and a special terrace for drawing … Damn, it all sounds so pathetic that I’m even a little ashamed to state it from other people’s words. We need to go as soon as possible and see for ourselves. And then all of a sudden this is bullshit? It happens after all.

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