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It’s time to talk about America and its United States. And more specifically – about where you can relax there in nature. One of my favorite places is Village of Palmetto Bluff. Blufftonstate South Carolina. Picture this: in the middle of 22,000 acres of scenic, unspoiled lowland, 25 minutes from historic Savannahlies a coastal village. A wonderful bucolic road leads here, along which old mossy oaks grow. In the village – a chapel in the Gothic style, an art gallery, a bookstore, a bakery, a cozy cafe, and most importantly – a hotel Inn at Palmetto Bluffconsisting of three dozen spacious guest houses.

Near a great field for golf coursewhere championships are held. This field is outlined by an ancient forest and steep river banks. The river is called May. The view of it and the curly islands sticking out of it opens directly from the porch of the main hotel building. This building has a small lounge bar, as well as a restaurant and a fairly extensive wine cellar. In general, everything around is woven in such a way that I constantly caught myself thinking that I was filming in such a good western as a serious and, for example, hard-hearted planter …

Each house is adjoined by verandas with wooden floors, where you can enjoy the same views of the river at sunset … Each house has gas fireplaces, as well as simply chic bathrooms with steam rooms.

And on a separate island, to which the bridge leads, in the mannered buildings of South American architecture, SPA-center. During the massage, I constantly saw from his windows how incredibly funny herons were looking for food by the river in the most amusing way …

In general, what should we do in the “village”? The short answer is: relax! Personally, in addition to the already mentioned golf, I devoted my leisure time to cycling around the neighborhood, and walking along the river – in a canoe and kayak. However, these walks can just as well be made in a less “extreme” mode: on board the Hinckley Picnic Boat ship owned by the hotel.

Well, a couple more places for a good country-luxury vacation in the USA. First – Homestead Inn, Greenwich, Connecticut. The place is very gastronomic, because it was founded by a famous chef Thomas Hinkelman. Just 45 minutes from Manhattan.

There are cozy rooms with elements of oriental design and excellent French cuisine.

and the atmosphere is

the rooms at Homestead inn are like this

Vouches for the hotel Relais & Châteauxand that in itself is a great recommendation.

Second place – hotel Smith Fork Ranch. Crawford, Colorado. Around for many kilometers wild, not mastered by civilization America, the wild west. And Smith Fork itself is a charming ranch with four luxurious cabins and a large two-story log house with five bedrooms. An excellent restaurant especially for meat eaters. It is complemented by an impressive wine list.

I dined here passing through, and I can testify that this picturesque place is excellent for horse riding in the hills or for fishing in one of the local ponds.

Well, and the last – again, a direction that is distinguished by typical American beauties and the breadth and freedom inherent in these beauties. Chama, New Mexico The Lodge at Chama. This lodge will appeal especially to anglers and hunters.

The Lodge at Chama

A massive building on huge wooden pillars, inside – heavy furniture, large stone fireplaces, various hunting trophies and leather chairs. In general, such a typically masculine, club atmosphere, in which it is pleasant to talk about hunting in the evening, drink cognac and smoke a cigar. Trout crowds on 14 small lakes and wild rivers, and in the forests there are many birds and deer.

living room

USA. Country rest. Summary.

Where to stay: Inn at Palmetto Bluff – rating 5.
Homestead Inn – rating 4.
Smith Fork Ranch – rating 4.
The Lodge at Chama – rating 5.

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