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Hello everyone from the north coast of Kauai! I decided to spend a week here, and now I’m sitting on the Pacific Ocean and writing this post so that you can feel with my help the super-pleasant warm energy of this earthly paradise: these deserted beaches, picturesque cliffs, mountain peaks strewn with lush vegetation, these incredible foggy jungle, the purest deafening waterfalls, green valleys and wet gorges. In general, everything that you, of course, have already seen many times in Hollywood films, and, perhaps, even felt on your own experience!

But you’ve definitely seen it in the movies. Undoubtedly. After all, it was here, on the island of Kauai, that more than 60 films were filmed, including Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and South Pacific…

There is only one problem on the island of Kauai. Weather. Heavy rains here are much more frequent than in other Hawaiian Islands. But it is precisely this circumstance that creates such a charming and unique landscape here – everything grows and blooms with a vengeance, and a dazzlingly bright rainbow hangs over all this vegetation every now and then! The wettest season here is from December to March. And while this has not begun, and the rains only moisten these lands in short raids, I decided to hurry.

Prince 18 club house, Kauai, Hawaii

I love driving around the island. From Waimea along the east coast to the northern regions of Kauai. Beyond Princeville, the road turns into a kind of time machine: the agricultural valley of Haralea, which retains traces of the past Hawaii, then dizzying turns from where you can see the untouched coast, then seven bridges, and finally, the charming Kee Beach and the majestic Na Pali cliffs.

Further – rocks and impassable jungle, and in order to appreciate the further in all its glory, you need to climb up. Many hotels here organize helicopter tours, and I strongly advise you, when you are here, by all means take advantage of this opportunity. The “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” from above is a sight to remember for the rest of your life.

Makai Course, Hawaii, Kauai Island

The St. Regis Princeville Resort, in which I stayed, stands on the shores of Hanalei Bay. It descends in terraces down a steep slope, and behind it rise the mountain peaks of Na Pali and the cloud-covered peaks of “Bali Gaya” with their sparkling waterfalls and colored rainbows.

Marble columns, exotic flowers, potted palm trees, tapestries, soft sofas. In general, the comfort of high readiness!

The only drawback I have noticed so far is the need to get from the suite to the pool or to the beach for quite some time each time. You must first go, then use a special lift … In short, not under the doors of the ocean, not under the doors …

kauai island suite

However, there are several very good restaurants here. For example, I really like to have breakfast on the terrace at Café Hanalei – while you are eating some of your, for example, muesli, you never cease to understand where you are and who you are – right in front of you there is a stunning view of Na Pali and the Hanalei Bay , where surfers have been flickering on the waves since the very morning. Allah, my friends! This is Hawaii!

st regis princeville hotel, hawaii, kauai island

In addition to lying on the beach, as I said above, I like to take one of the hotel sports cars and drive along the north coast. Well, do a couple of golf games with neighbor Eric. The golf course here is excellent.

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