Alain Ducasse opens his own culinary school in Paris

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And now, in addition to the story about my gastronomic weekend – a little news, also on the topic. Sunday, at dinner Alain Ducasse I was told that this legendary chef has just opened his own culinary school. It is called Ecole de Cuisine and is located, as you might guess, in Paris. At school, they teach you how to cook Ducasse’s specialties, make pastries and … drink wine – of course, in a proper way. Classes are held in four kitchens – symbolically they are called as follows: Cèpe, Truffe, Olive and Piment. That is: porcini mushroom cuisine, truffle cuisine, olive and pepper cuisine. Maestro Ducasse, however, will not very often conduct classes himself. He entrusted this mission to the chef Hotel Le Parc Paris Romain Corbier and his other young students and colleagues. Here is the school website.

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