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Medicine in the Philippines

A very important topic in my opinion. In general, on any trip, a first aid kit is the first thing you need to put in your bag. I think that everyone knows what medicines should be in this first aid kit. There are many medicines we know here, but sometimes they are much more expensive than in Russia. I can recommend add some antihistamines to it. Even if you don’t have allergies. Does not matter. Abroad, different water, different food, and indeed everything else. You may not even understand what you are suddenly allergic to.

So it was with me. Somewhere on the 3rd day I ate fish in coconut milk with rice in a normal cafe and after half an hour I was covered with spots and began to feel just awful. I drank activated charcoal – in about an hour everything went away. I still don’t understand what the reaction was. Although in general, for the first 4 months here, I never went to the doctor. If suddenly her throat started to hurt, she drank hot water with calamansi juice squeezed into it (a local fruit similar to lime). And I did not suffer from other diseases here.

But for the last two months I had to run. First, something happened to the leg. Every day it was more and more painful to walk, then I could not step on my foot at all. X-ray (by the way, there is one on Boracay) showed no fractures. Doctors shrugged, not understanding what was wrong, and prescribed painkillers. All the local masseurs obsessively offered to do a massage. As a result, I found our Russian chondroxitis with friends. I began to smear my leg with them and endure. There was nothing else to do. After 1.5 months, the leg still hurt if it was given too much load or set incorrectly. What it is is again not clear. It’s not clear, because there is nowhere to seriously check with qualified doctors in Boracay.

There is a local hospital and many private clinics. They always take a lot of money, but they can’t really help. The only plus is analysis results can be obtained very quickly. The nearest large and more or less decent medical centers are located in Kalibo. That is, to get to them, you first need to take a boat to Panay, and then another 1.5 hours by car to Kalibo. Therefore, it is better not to get sick. But if you still need to see a doctor, don’t be intimidated by the appearance of local health facilities. As one of my friends said, in Russia you can make the same clinic out of a good garage. But you should not be afraid. There will probably be little benefit, but sometimes it is still better to consult a doctor.

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