A corner of Italy in the heart of India: Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces open a new hotel in the historic Palace

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Opening of a new hotel of one of the most luxurious hotel chains IndiaTaj Hotels is always an event. And even more so if this hotel opens in such a historical and originally luxurious place as the Falaknuma Palace, which is a half-hour drive from the city Hyderabad.

The Falaknuma Palace was built in the second half of the 19th century by Italian architects, commissioned by the Prime Minister of Hyderabad, Nawab-Ul-Ulmar. At the request of this high-ranking official, everything inside was finished with Italian marble, including the courtyard adjacent to the palace. Later, the estate was bought by the city authorities and used as a guest residence for the royal families who looked into these parts. In total, the palace was built for 9 years. It turned out something amazing … The ceilings here are decorated with frescoes in the spirit of the Renaissance and gilded bas-reliefs. Valuable paintings and statues are everywhere. In total, the Palace has 220 extravagantly beautifully decorated rooms and 22 huge halls. It has a huge organ and the world’s largest collection of Venetian glass chandeliers.

banquet hall interior

Net Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces famous for its penchant for acquiring historic properties in order to create the next masterpiece of hotel art. And, as a rule, they are excellent at it. They plan to open a hotel in Falaknum Palace in September.

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