7 ways to relax and rejuvenate the soul at Miavana

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to Meow everywhere we look, it meets azure waters, fine sands and untouched nature. You are invited to an experience where tranquility is found at every step. to Meow time is measured in the ebb and flow of the sea foam, this landscape being an idyllic space where the disconnection from everyday life happens naturally thanks to the organic belonging to the environment.
Nature is one of the ways that gives us this opportunity, to move away from noise and distractions, this being an ideal environment for reconnecting the physical, mental and spiritual plane.

We usually remember only two of the forms of rest: the physical and the mental, but most of us forget that there are 5 other planes of being that need a full and conscious scan to be revitalized and rejuvenated.

Take a moment out of your day to be present, reconnect and revitalize yourself at Meow. We’re sharing a few ways Miavana guests can fully immerse themselves in the island’s serenity to return home refreshed and rejuvenated.

1. Physical rest

The whole island is your Spa. Indulge in your favorite wellness activity for total relaxation, whether it’s sunrise yoga or seashell massage, at whatever location on the island resonates most with you. The location options are endless, from the beach to your cabin and even deep in the forest.

2. Mental rest

To be able to say that you have completely escaped the daily routine, try to stay away from the phone screen during your stay. Nothing refreshes the mind more than the moments when we no longer put all the hum of the world into the energy of our own being. In the absence of the daily life you are used to, you can fill your time with long walks on the beach, engaging in activities for those looking to escape from the comfort zone. Another great relaxation option is sunbathing on the terrace of your villa, spending quality time with your own mind and nourishing your body with vitamin D.

3. Sensory rest

The rhythm of nature is simple and slow, pure and organic, just allow yourself to be! Be present in the vastness of the resort’s surroundings Meow and let nature’s healing properties permeate your every pore.

4. Creative rest

A world of wonders is present within the resort Meow. Let the new inspiration of Madagascar spark your creativity through its extraordinary nature, wild animals, rich culture and traditional cuisine. Explore local wildlife, from lemurs to chameleons, turtles and birds, through staff-planned land activities. Join the Cabinet of Curiosities or indulge your taste buds with a traditional rum tasting experience at the resort’s on-site bar.

5. Social rest

Reconnect to personal relationships that charge you emotionally. For those who arrive here with their loved ones, Meow it’s a playground for adventurers in the whole family. Here you can find a wide range of activities, be it water, underwater, air or land sports, but whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to have memorable experiences. Quality conversations are also encouraged by the resort staff and island natives, who make you feel like you belong to the place with the stories and knowledge they have to share.

6. Emotional rest

When you reach emotional exhaustion, the inner resources have no place to nourish a lasting life. As individuals, it is part of our duty to turn within ourselves to demonstrate self-love so that we can pass it on to what really matters. Through a slower pace and presence of mind, the batteries are charged and you will feel motivated and clear to be the most authentic version of you, which will also reflect on your loved ones and the quality of interpersonal relationships.

7. Spiritual rest

Take the opportunity of time spent in this sanctuary of communion between man and nature to reset your connection between body, mind and soul.

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