Photo #1 - 7 places where it's cooler in winter than in summer

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

It is best, of course, to come to Tallinn on the eve of Catholic Christmas or on New Year’s holidays – at this time, a fair opens on the square near the city hall, where you can find interesting souvenirs and handicrafts, taste local dishes and products from Estonian farms and ride on colorful carousel. But if you didn’t manage to come on vacation, feel free to go to the Estonian capital after they are over – you will certainly be captivated by the atmosphere of a European winter fairy tale, in addition, you should go on a tour of the snow-covered Old Town, where, it seems, behind every turn of the narrow streets, real wonders.

Venice, Italy

Photo #2 - 7 places where it's cooler in winter than in summer

One of the most famous events in Europe – the bright, colorful and incredibly attractive Venice Carnival – takes place in winter. At this time, the city is filled with many unusual characters in various and colorful masks, and costumed dances are held right on the streets. Here you can meet elegant ladies of the Renaissance, dandies of the 19th century, ancient healers and unimaginable fantastic heroes. This fabulous carnival, which will take place from February 8 to 25 in 2020, will fill your winter with new colors!

Mountain park “Ruskeala” in Karelia, Russia

Photo #3 - 7 places where it's cooler in winter than in summer

Only in winter you can ride through the Marble Canyon in mountain park “Ruskeala” on a husky sled and enjoy the snowy magic of the Russian North. It was from here that noble gray marble was once brought to St. Petersburg for the construction of St. Isaac’s and Kazan’s cathedrals, Marble, Taurida and the Hermitage. In the winter evenings, artistic lighting creates turns the park into a fairyland.

Tyumen hot springs, Russia

Photo #4 - 7 places where it's cooler in winter than in summer

The best place to warm up in winter frosts is the hot waters of Tyumen. Moreover, this way you will have the opportunity to defile in a swimsuit right between the snowdrifts! The temperature of mineral water in Tyumen springs varies from +38 to +45 degrees Celsius, and in winter puffs of steam against the backdrop of snow turn this place into a mystical one. Plus, such a pastime brings not only pleasure, but also health benefits, because water has healing properties. True, it must be borne in mind that in Tyumen there are well-maintained springs and not very well. Comfort lovers need to pay special attention to this.

Bruges, Belgium

Photo #5 - 7 places where it's cooler in winter than in summer

The ancient buildings of Bruges with exquisite lace on the windows resemble gingerbread houses. If you are lucky and it starts to snow, you will feel like the whole city is covered in powdered sugar! If not, it doesn’t matter either: a festive mood will appear from one glance at the lights that light up Bruges in winter. And in December – early January, a skating rink is flooded in the central square, a huge Christmas tree is installed, and a Christmas market is open around the perimeter. So after skiing in the scenery of past eras, you can warm up with hot mulled wine and refresh your strength with delicious Belgian chocolate. In general, you already understood where you will spend the next New Year holidays.

Mountains of Andorra

Photo #6 - 7 places where it's cooler in winter than in summer

This Principality is famous for its ski slopes: there are 65 mountain peaks in the country. Here you will find huge areas for skiing – 152 slopes of different difficulty categories with a total length of 247 km – and an accurate guarantee of snow, which is provided by 1000 snow cannons. But most importantly, climbing Mount Coma Pedrosa – the highest point of the Andorran Pyrenees (2942 m) – you will see the whole world at your feet! Another plus of this place is that Andorra is a duty-free zone, so all equipment can be purchased on the spot.

Hoang Lien National Park, Vietnam

Photo #7 - 7 places where it's cooler in winter than in summer

At the end of the selection, it is no coincidence that there is a “summer” place: it is not worth coming to Hoang Liens Park from May to September – heavy rains. And in winter, dense forests, stormy waterfalls and cascades of rice fields await you, over which sheer mountains hang. Here you can climb the highest peak of Vietnam, Mount Fansipan, and, holding your breath, admire the panorama of the valleys and bamboo thickets. And while walking in the park, you will be accompanied by gibbons, eagles, copepods and other animals – you will definitely not get bored!

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