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In October 2016 we went to Berlin with the child and we would definitely like to repeat the experience. Even though we stayed for a week, we still had a lot to explore. Berlin is definitely a child friendly city, where you can go with children of any age.

Before moving on to the “decalogue” below, I want you to know that I wrote hereat length, about how our experience was with the 1-year-old and 7-month-old girl in Berlin.

1. Berlin can be baptized”The city of toddlers and babies“. I don’t know if it’s because now I’ve also become new parents, noticing certain things better, but the fact that the streets are full of babies and toddlers, carried by their parents in strollers, baby carriers, on bicycles with seats or with attachment. It seems that Berlin is in the midst of a baby boom. Everyone seems relaxed, the kids are out in all kinds of weather. The fact that it is full of children everywhere and in any weather gives you courage, confidence and energy, you feel as if you are part of a community, you feel that there are many people who understand your not so simple status as a parent.

2. It’s easy to move with your child in Berlin, anywhere, without a car. Public transport is very well developed, you can safely ride the cart almost everywhere. There are elevators in subway (U-bahn) and train (S-bahn) stations; the doors of the trams open fixedly at the level of the waiting space, there is no need to take the trolley in your arms. We had a ticket for a week, which covered all transport lines. About 25 euros/person – expensive, but worth it.

3. You can rent bikes and visit the city that way! The bike lane remains the bike lane – you can easily get anywhere, without your cars occupying this space. That’s why you see many children transported by bicycle. A bike rental service is Fat Tire Bike Tours, with an office in Alexander Platz.

4. A walk is just a walk. The sidewalks are sidewalks, wide, generous and not jammed by cars – you can push the cart quietly, without stress and obstacles to overcome. Compared to the hassle of going out with the stroller in Bucharest, there is perfume here. Even a simple walk with the cart through the streets was an extremely pleasant experience for us, because it gives you the feeling of freedom, while in Bucharest we rarely venture beyond the house-park perimeter (with the cart).

5. There are many parks and green spaces. You will not see crowding in any playground, because there are many, practically every small neighborhood has access to one. The city breathes nature and green space. Wherever you are, a park is not too far away. The big and famous parks are spectacular (eg: Tiergarten). Apart from this, there are many places to visit outside of Berlin (forests, lakes, etc.) that can be easily reached by public transport (with the S-bahn train).

In Haseinde Park. Silviu borrowed a kite from a group of Turkish boys. Noria is very excited about the kite 🙂

6. Apart from parks and small play areas in various neighborhoods, there are quite a few successful and well thought out playgrounds for the children! There it is here a list of the most famous outdoor playgrounds in Berlin. There is urban beaches and water playgroundswhich children will love, for sure.

7. If you experience rainy weather when you are with the child in Berlin, there is also indoor playgrounds. The most famous are Labyrinth Museum and Children’s Museum. I wrote about them here. We can also add the Aquarium to the list, which, without being an actual playground, remains a space of maximum interest for children. So is the Zoo, both indoor and outdoor space. Aquarium and Zoo Garten are in the same place – you can read more about them here.

8. You have a good opportunity to take a look at how children are educated here. In the neighborhood where we lived and probably anywhere else, it is full of kindergartens and day-cares for children: state, private or informal (made by parents who associate and pay staff to care for and educate their children, while the state supports part of the costs – yes!). What I actually wanted to say with this point is that around lunchtime the streets are full of children taken out for a walk by teachers and properly equipped in case of bad weather. They take all the puddles in a row, collect chestnuts, ride all the toys in the parks.

Noria has repeatedly interacted with such groups of children and it was a very interesting experience for her, a first contact with groups of children, outside of the small group in the park area that we frequent at home in Bucharest. It was also interesting for us to exchange a word with the educators (some of them with earrings in their noses, funky 🙂 ).

Kindergarten children on their lunchtime walk. In the left corner, Noria interacts with a small child.

9. It’s cheap to fly using Ryan Air flights. We got a ticket for 10 euros/one way/person – I don’t think there is anything cheaper than that :)).

10. In the warm season, Berlin is full of life – the streets are filled with terraces and restaurants in every neighborhood, and people are massively outside. As a parenthesis, Berlin is also lively in the cold season, but my recommendation is to go to berlin with the child in the spring, summer or early autumnto enjoy the outdoor spaces more.

Here is also a blog with many articles for families and leisure in Berlin.

With the child in Berlin – the sensory tub with lentils, from the Children’s Museum.

With the child in Berlin – at the Aquarium.

A banal landscape from Berlin. Even so, it has charm! Berlin is a charming city!

With the baby in Berlin – feeding the deer in Haseinde Park.

With the child in Berlin, at the African music and culture festival.

With the child in Berlin, at the Labyrinth Museum, a play space for children.

The Labyrinth Museum, an indoor playground for children.

Projections on buildings in Berlin at the Festival of Light that takes place in October every year.

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